2016 Sheridan City Senior Golf Championship Final Results

Eloise Hansen
Craig Hansen

Women Championship Flight
1st Gross Eloise Hansen 187
1st Net Kelly White 143
Sheridan City Senior Women’s Champion ~ Eloise Hansen

Men’s Championship Flight
1st Gross Craig Hanson 157
1st Net Glen Wright 146
Sheridan City Senior Champion ~ Craig Hanson

Men’s First Flight
1st Gross Mike Groshart 169
1st Net Bob Benjamin 147

Men’s Second Flight
1st Gross Clay Gilbert 168
1st Net Joe Skatula 136

SHS Booster Club BBQ Tonight 5:30 / Bronc Football Opener Friday Night / Rams / Eagles / Wolves Preseason Camps continue

SHERIDAN HIGH SCHOOL BOOSTER CLUB - Coming up this evening the Sheridan high school booster club will host the annual fall sports BBQ at the school, all parents of fall sports athletes should attend as activities will include player / parent meetings with the coaches.

BRONC FOOTBALL - The Bronc football team will open the 2016 season Friday night at home with Laramie we will have all the action for you live on 14-10 KWYO and 87.7 FM ESPN radio, the First Federal savings bank pregame show will start the broadcast at 5:30 with kickoff scheduled for 6:00.

Local Football Opens a Week From Today / Broncos Host 49ers Saturday Night

BRONC FOOTBALL - The Bronc football team finishes up two weeks of workouts today, they have Laramie in the opener a week from tonight.

We will broadcast the opener live on KWYO and 87.7 FM the broadcast will start with the First Federal Savings bank pregame show at 5:30 kickoff is scheduled for 6:00.

Bronc Football Success is About Following Tradition / Bronc / Lady Bronc Golf Tee's it up Today

HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL - Sheridan high school Head football coach Don Julian enters his 10th season with the Broncs over those season's the Broncs have won 100 games and three state titles and enter this season as the defending 4-A state champs, Julian says they have to get it done on the field but it's the entire process that has made the program so successful.

Bronc Football Looking to the Opener With Laramie / SHS Golfers Tee It Up Tomorrow / Broncos Host 49ers Saturday

BRONC FOOTBALL - The Sheridan Bronc football teams is nine days from the opening of the 2016 season Head coach Don Julian says now is the time they start to transition practice into game planning for Laramie.
We will have it all live for you next Friday starting with our First Federal Savings bank pregame show at 5:30 kickoff is scheduled for 6:00.
LOCAL FOOTBALL - Big Horn, Tongue River and NSI will all have Zero week scrimmages next week and the Wyoming Cowboys have their season opener at home September 3rd against Northern Illinois.

Fall Sports Timeline / Rockies v Nationals Tonight / Broncos Host San Fran Saturday night

BRONC FOOTBALL - The Sheridan Broncs are starting to look ahead towards the season opener with Laramie next week.
Head coach Don Julian says they have a lot to get in and the players have done a good job taking in all that information.
We will have the season opener live on the 26th live on 14-10 KWYO kickoff at Homer Scott stadium is set for 6:00.
RAMS / EAGLES / WOLVES FOOTBALL - Next week Big Horn, Tongue River and NSI will have Zero week scrimmages, opening day is September 2nd.

The 2016 Fall Sports Season gets into full swing today / Rockies swept at Philly / Broncos v 49ers Saturday /

BRONC FOOTBALL -  The Sheridan Broncs start week two of preseason drills today we talked with Head coach Don Julian and he told us about how the team emphasis changes this week. The Broncs open a week from this Friday at home against Laramie kickoff will be at 6:00.
RAMS / EAGLES / WOLVES FOOTBALL - The Big Horn Rams and Tongue River Eagles open practice today, the season opener for both teams will be September 2nd both play at home the Rams host Lovell the Eagles have Wind River the NSI Wolves open their 6-man season on the road at Burlington.

The 2016 High School Sports season Starts Monday / Broncos Dominate Chicago in Preseason Opener

2016 FALL SPORTS KICK OFF - The 2016 fall sports season for all fall sports begins Monday including all Wyoming high school football teams.

The Bronc and Lady Bronc cross country teams open practice Monday morning at 6:30.

The Lady Bronc volleyball team will open two a days Monday morning at 8:00.

The Bronc and Lady Bronc golfers will open practice for the fall season Monday afternoon at 3:00 Kendrick golf course.

The Lady Bronc swimmers will open Monday evening at 5:00 and the Bronc and Lady Bronc tennis teams will go Monday afternoon at 4:00