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Wednesday 12-09-15

Wyoming Game and Fish / Singers Annie and Amy Smith

Tuesday 12-08-15

State Rep. Mike Madden

Monday 12-07-15

Library / Chamber of Commerce / Pearl Harbor Day, Historian Val Burgess

Thursday 12-03-15

Trail End Christmas with Cynde Georgen / Self-Acceptance: The Key to Recovery from Mental Illness, Dr. Victor Ashear and Vanessa Hastings

Wednesday 12-02-15

Sheridan Police / Community Holiday Dinner

Tuesday 12-01-15

Animal Shelter / Sheridan Author and Artist, Beth Thurow

Monday 11-30-15

Kalif Shrine Kids Christmas Party/Brown Bag Seminars, Lynn Gordon

Wednesday 11-25-15

University of Wyoming / Bought Beautifully Global Missions, Emily Betzler

Tuesday 11-24-15

Sheridan County Museum / Dementia Community Discussions, Amy Albrecht

Monday 11-23-15

CAST Inaugural Flyers / Lions Club Basketball Tournament, Coach Matt Hammer, Bill Rathburn

Thursday 11-19-15

Sheridan County Commissioners

Wednesday 11-18-15

Sheridan Police Divisions / Sheridan Johnson Community Foundation - Bernie Spielman / Black Water Railroad-

Tuesday 11-17-15

State Superintendent, Jillian Balow / Sheridan College, DannyLee Hodnett and Dr. Eric Richards

Monday 11-16-15

Sheridan college President Dr. Paul Young