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Public Pulse - Tuesday 03/30/10

State Legislators Rosie Berger and Jack Landon

Public Pulse - Monday 03/29/10

Hospital Foundation Benefit / Army Wives of the Powder River Cowboys

Public Pulse - Thursday 03/25/10

Senior Center / School District #2 Craig Dougherty

Public Pulse - Wednesday 03/24/10

Civic Theater Guild "Over the River and Through the Woods" w/ Gene Davis / Welcome Home Soldiers with Dan Lick

Public Pulse - Tuesday 03/23/10

Free Clinic / Governor Dave Freudenthal

Public Pulse - Monday 03/22/10

Sheridan County Historical Society / Advocacy & Resource Center-Role of Fathers

Public Pulse - Thursday 03/18/10

VOA Empty Bowl Fundraiser / Sheridan College Young Artist Series with Ron Krikac

Public Pulse - Wednesday 03/17/10

County Commissioners

Public Pulse - Monday 03/15/10

State Legislators-Senator Bruce Burns & Senator John Schiffer

Public Pulse - Friday 03/12/10

Open Lines - Most of the conversation centered around the poll question dealing with the Concealed Weapons bill.

Public Pulse - Thursday 03/11/10

Whole Program: Mayor Dave Kinskey

Public Pulse - Wednesday 03/10/10

Monica Deromedi, Coalbed Natural Gas Alliance / CVC Boardmanship Roundtable

Public Pulse - Tuesday 03/09/10

Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention w/ Janice Schoonmaker & Laura Burrell / Stars of Tomorrow w/ Judy Taylor and Art Elkins

Public Pulse - Monday 03/05/10

Chamber of Commerce / Sheridan County Fair Board w/Hoot Bohnsack

Public Pulse - Thursday 03/04/10

School District #1 w/Sue Belish / Homebuilders Home Show

Public Pulse - Wednesday 03/03/10

VOA / Disabilities Awareness Month-Jodi's Heart