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Wednesday 01-29-14

Johnson County Library

Tuesday 01-28-14

Sheridan County Soccer Association / Bill Sniffin

Thursday 01-23-14

Senior Center / Wellness Council, Michelle Fritz

Tuesday 01-21-14

State Rep Mike Madden / State Sen John Shiffer

Monday 01-20-14

Sagebrush Art Gallery, Edre Maier and friends / Civic Theater Guild, Gene Davis

Thursday 01-16-14

Sheridan College Lecture Series, Elaine Henry / Homeless Point in Time Survey, Wendy Ongaro

Wednesday 01-15-14

County Commissioners

Tuesday 01-14-14

State Rep John Patton / Rep Kathy Coleman

Monday 01-13-14

Fred Dickson, D.A. Davidson

Thursday 01-09-14

Sheridan Recreation District, Richard Wright / Ripley's Believe it or Not, Edward Meyer

Monday 12-30-13

WYO Theater (Western film festival) / Chris Hill with the Motley Fool Radio show