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Public Pulse - Thursday 11/05/15

State Treasurer, Mark Gordon / Author Bill Sniffin

Wednesday 11-04-`5

Sheridan Police / Judy Collins

Tuesday 11-03-15

Animal Shelter / Dining for a Cause: Habitat for Humanity, Christine Christopherson

Monday 11-02-15

Library / Counselor Lynn Gordon, Sheridan College Brown Bag Seminar

Thursday 10-29-15

Public Health: Chronic Disease, Annie Shaver and Amy Williamson / Sheridan College Lecturer, Tom Johannesmeyer

Wednesday 10-28-15

University of Wyoming / Civic Theater Play

Tuesday 10-27-15

Sheridan College Financial community workshop, Author Joe Knight / Powder River Basin Resource Council Annual Meeting

Monday 10-26-15

Sheridan County Museum / Sage

Thursday 10-22-15

Estate Planning Seminar, Tim Tarver / Fort Phil Kearney Full Moon Fort, Misty Stoll

Wednesday 10-21-15

Sheridan Police Divisions / Sheridan Author, Sam Western

Tuesday 10-20-15

State Superintendent, Jillian Balow / Wyoming Business Alliance Foundation, Bill Schilling

Tuesday 10-19-15

Sheridan Health Center, Wendy Ongaro / Aquatics Center, Jay McGuiness

Thursday 10-15-15

County Commissioners

Wednesday 10-14-15

Game and Fish / WYO Theater Gala

Tuesday 10-13-15

Wyoming State Representatives Mike Madden and Mark Kinner

Monday 10-12-15

Chamber of Commerce / CHAPS