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Thursday 04-28=16

VOA Empty Bowl, Claude Alley / School District #2

Wednesday 04-27-16

UW / Sheridan College Symphony Orchestra, Dr. Mark Bergman

Tuesday 04-26-16

SC Library / Local Author Gene Gagliano

Monday 04-25-16

State Superintendent, Jillian Balow / Sheridan County Museum

Thursday 04-21-16

County Commissioners

Wednesday 04-20-16

Sheridan Police / National Poetry Month, Rose Hill and Abbie Taylor

Tuesday 04-19-16

State Representative Mark Kinner /State Senator Bruce Burns

Monday 04-18-16

Big Horn Equestrian Center, Orrin Connell and Kate Hammerich / State Treasurer Mark Gordon

Thursday 04-14-16

Mayor / City Council

Tuesday 04-12-16

Senior Olympics, Roger Wilson / Sheridan College Arts Center

Thursday 04-07-16

Representatives Rosie Berger and Senator Bruce Burns

Wednesday 04-06-16

Keystone Awards / Brinton Lecture

Tuesday 04-05-16

Animal Shelter / Sheridan Police

Monday 04-04-16

Legislative Candidate, Gail Symons

Thursday 03-31-16

State Superintendent, Jillian Balow / State Treasurer Mark Gordon