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July 2016
Monday 07/25/16 Sheridan County Museum / Dayton Days, Dixie Johnson and Craig Reichert
Tuesday 07/26/16 Library / Counselor Lynn Gordon
Wednesday 07/27/16 University of Wyoming / Lucky stiffs, Funny Face Productions, Emma Hall.
Thursday 07/28/16 Legislative Candidates: HD #4 Mike Madden

August 2016
Monday 08/01/16 MS Ride, Heather Day / Brinton Museum, Ken Schuster and Joel Wardell
Tuesday 08/02/16 Animal Shelter / Police Department
Wednesday 08/03/16 Savlation Army, Lt. Matt Morrow, Lt Charleen Morrow
Thursday 08/04/16 Legislative Candidates; HD #29 Mark Kinner

Monday 08/08/16 Chamber of Commerce
Tuesday 08/09/16 Candidates for House District #51; Rosie Berger, Bo Biteman
Wednesday 08/10/16 Mayoral Candidates; Karl Mattlage, Roger Miller, Alex Lee
Thursday 08/11/16 Mayoral Candidates; Robert Webster, Jacob Martin

Monday 08/15/16 House District #30 Candidate, Gail Symons
Tuesday 08/16/16 Sod Farm Festival, Tab Barker /
Wednesday 08/17/16 Sheridan Police Divisions / Dayton Planning Committee, Councilor Laurie Walters-Clark
Thursday 08/18/16 County Commissioners

Monday 08/22/16 Sheridan County Museum
Tuesday 08/23/16 Author Sam Western
Wednesday 08/24/16 Game and Fish /
Thursday 08/25/16 Out of the Darkness Walk-Suicide Prevention Coalition, Bill Hawley / Health and Fitness, Erin Nitschke

Monday 08/29/16 HD #30 Candidate, Val Burgess
Tuesday 08/30/16 Library
Wednesday 08/31/16 University of Wyoming

September 2016
October 2016
November 2016
December 2016

Tuesday 07-26-16

Library / Counselor Lynn Gordon

Monday 07-25-16

Sheridan County Museum / Dayton Days, Dixie Johnson and Craig Reichert

Thursday 07-21-16

County Commissioner Candidates; Tom Ringley, Mike Nickel, Dennis Fox

Wednesday 07-20-16

Sheridan Police / Downtown Sheridan Association

Tuesday 07-19-16

US Congress candidate, Democrat Ryan Greene

Monday 07-18-16

Vaudeville at the WYO Theater / Wyoming Theater Festival, DannyLee Hodnett

Friday 07-14-16

Mayor John Heath / Public Works Director Nick Bateson

Wednesday 07-13-16

Game and Fish / Sheridan Rec District

Tuesday 07-12-16

House District #30 Candidate, Gail Symons / Health and Fitness, Erin Nitschke

Monday 07-11-16

Chamber of Commerce / State Treasurer, Mark Gordon

Thursday 07-07-16

US House, Darin Smith

Wednesday 07-06-16

Sheridan College - Study Abroad

Tuesday 07-05-16

Animal Shelter / Police Department

Thursday 06-30-16

Ucross Foundation, Ashley Carlisle / MS Ride, Heather Day

Wednesday 06-29-16

University of Wyoming / 4th of July Festival, Bruce Burns

Tuesday 06-28-16

Library / Senior Olympics, Roger Wilson