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Monday 02-29-16

University of Wyomin

Thursday 02-25-16

CHAPS / School District #2

Wednesday 02-24-16

UW / Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Marva Craft

Tuesday 02-23-16

Library / Kearney Hall Fundraiser

Monday 02-22-16

State Treasurer, Mark Gordon / Sheridan County Museum

Thursday 02-18-16

County Commissioners

Wednesday 02-17-16

Sheridan Police Divisions / Don Julian, Sports Events -Facilities Update

Tuesday 02-16-16

State Superintendent, Jillian Balow / On Golden Pond, Lynne and Pete Simpson

Monday 02-15-16

FFA Week / Antelope Butte Foundation Update

Wednesday 02-10-16

Game and Fish / Free Tax Prep and Fraud

Tuesday 02-09-16

Downtown Sheridan Association, Beth Holsinger / Title 25, Paul Demple

Monday 02-01-16

Brown Bag Series and Saturday U

Monday 02-08-16

Chamber of Commerce / Hidden in Plain Sight, Artist Jill Brody

Thursday 02-04-16

State Representatives Mark Kinner and Mike Madden

Wednesday 02-03-16

ICU Project Update, Ada Kirven / Brinton History Program, Tyson Emborg