Guest List

September 2016

Monday 09/19/16 Bill Sniffin Wyoming 125 "Our Place in the West" / Democratic Congressional Candidate Ryan Greene
Tuesday 09/20/16 Wyo Theater Erin Butler / Early Childhood Symposium
Wednesday 09/21/16 Sheridan College Erin Hanke/ Advocacy Resource Center National Domestic Violence awareness month
Thursday 09/22/16 Health and Fitness, Erin Nitschke / Santosha Yoga Workshop Teddy Araas and JJ Garber

Monday 09/26/16 Sheridan County Museum / School District #2 Terry Burgess, and Servio Carroll
Tuesday 09/27/16 Dining for a Cause Tyson Emborg, Jeff Mowry, Mark Thoney, Mitch Craft
Wednesday 09/28/16 University of Wyoming / Local Foods Expo, Donald Legerski
Thursday 09/29/16 Library / Mark Pierce "When I'm 64" protecting your assets while qualifying for medicaid

October 2016
Monday 10/03/16 House District #30 Val Burgess
Tuesday 10/04/16 Animal Shelter / Police Department
Wednesday 10/05/16 Wyoming Women's Antelope Hunt / Story Women's Club Turkey Dinner
Thursday 10/06/16 House District #51 Hollis Hackman

Monday 10/10/16 Chamber of Commerce / City Council Candidates Thayer C. Shafer and Rich Bridger
Tuesday 10/11/16 Democratic Congressional Candidate Ryan Greene
Wednesday 10/12/16 Game and Fish / City Council Candidates Shelleen Smith and Kristen Kelly
Thursday 10/13/16 Mayoral Candidate Roger Miller and Alex Lee

Monday 10/17/16 School District #2 Candidates Tony Wendtland , Craig Achord, Seth Ulvestad, and Wayne Schatz
Tuesday 10/18/16 School District #2 Candidates Molly Steel, Dawn Sopron, Michael Sweeney, and Shane Rader
Wednesday 10/19/16 Sheridan Police Divisions / Sheridan College Candidates Bruce Hoffman, Mike Watkins, and Elaine Henry
Thursday 10/20/16 County Commissioners Candidates Vicky Taylor, Tom Ringley, Mike Nickel

Monday 10/24/16 Sheridan County Museum / Sheridan College Candidates Debra Wendtland and Rolf Distad
Tuesday 10/25/16 Sheridan College Candidates Teddy Ladmirault, Walter Wragge, and Gary Koltiska / State Treasurer Mark Gordan
Wednesday 10/26/16 University of Wyoming / Black Mountain Nordic Ski Club, Cathi Kindt
Thursday 10/27/16 HD#51 Candidate Hollis Hackman / Dining for a Cause Breast Cancer awareness

Monday 10/31/16 House District #30 Val Burgess

November 2016

Tuesday 11/01/16 Animal Shelter / Police Department
Wednesday 11/02/16 Library / HD #29 Candidates Mark Kimmer, Sandy Kingsley
Thursday 11/03/16 Mayoral Candidates Rodger Miller and Alex Lee

Monday 11/07/16 Democratic Congressional Candidate Ryan Greene
Tuesday 11/08/16 Chamber of Commerce / Sheridan Arts Council Claudia Colnar
Wednesday 11/09/16 Game and Fish / Employers support of the guard and reserve Ted Durant, and Larry Durant
Thursday 11/10/16 Mayor

Monday 11/14/16 Health and Fitness, Erin Nitschke, and Dr, Eric Richards
Tuesday 11/15/16
Wednesday 11/16/16 Sheridan Police Divisions
Thursday 11/17/16 County Commissioners

Monday 11/21/16
Tuesday 11/22/16 Big Horn National Forrest Collaborative Larry Durant
Wednesday 11/23/16
Thursday 11/24/16

Monday 11/28/16
Tuesday 11/29/16 Library
Wednesday 11/30/16 University of Wyoming

December 2016
Thursday 12/1/16 Health and Fitness, Erin Nitschke, and Dr. Mark Bergman

Monday 12/5/16 Sheridan County Museum
Tuesday 12/6/16 Pet shelter / Police department
Wednesday 12/7/16
Thursday 12/8/16 Mayor

Monday 12/12/16 Chamber of Commerce
Tuesday 12/13/16
Wednesday 12/14/16 Game and Fish
Thursday 12/15/16 County Commissioner

Monday 12/19/16
Tuesday 12/20/16
Wednesday 12/21/16 Police Divisions
Thursday 12/22/16

Monday 12/26/16
Tuesday 12/27/16 Library
Wednesday 12/28/16 University of Wyoming
Thursday 12/29/16