Buffalo Council Approves Maintenance Funds For St. Francis

Buffalo's City Council, at their last meeting, approved $3,000 for maintenance at the St. Francis Animal Shelter.

Director Susan Guilford approached the council, saying the shelter was in need of replacing cat kennels and repairing a dog run area adjacent to the building.

New Trabing Project OK'd By Jo Co Commission

The Johnson County Commissioners, at their Tuesday meeting, approved a request from Road and Bridge Supervisor Scott Pehringer to repave a section of Trabing Road by adding it to a Wyoming Department of Transportation (WyDOT) project near there to save a substantial amount of money.

Big Horn Mountain Festival This Weekend In Buffalo

The Big Horn Mountain Festival, 2012. Photo by Aaron Palmer

The Ninth Annual Big Horn Mountain Festival will be happening this weekend at the Johnson County Fairgrounds in Buffalo.

It's Official...Rodeo Week is Here

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Rodeo Week was officially kick-started Tuesday night with the annual “Boot Kick-Off” held at Kendrick Park. It proved to be a great night of entertainment as hundreds came out to see the traditional start of an exciting week of rodeo events.

Superintendent Hill Replies to House Speaker Lubnau

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Superintendent Hill Replies to House Speaker Lubnau

As we've reported, Wyoming House Speaker Tom Lubnau sent a letter to State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Cindy Hill, explaining why he requested an investigative committee look into her conduct while in office. On Tuesday, Hill replied to that letter.

Signs Signs, Everywhere There's Signs

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City of Sheridan Planning Director Robert Briggs (Photo by Ron Richter)

Ordinance #2137 is heading back to the Sheridan City Council as the City's Planning Commission recommended approval of the ordinance, that amends city code to add clarity and more definition to the City's sign and fence regulations.

Getting Ready for the Parade

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(Photo by Ron Richter)

As part of Sheridan WYO Rodeo festivities, thousands will flock to downtown Sheridan this Friday morning for a bevy of activities that includes the Rodeo Parade. WYO Rodeo Board member Linda St.

User Fees to Go Up for SAWS Customers

(Photo by Ron Richter)

The Sheridan Area Water Supply Joint Powers Board approved their budget for the fiscal year, which includes a 2 percent rate increase for SAWS customers. SAWS Administrator Dan Coughlin says the increase is part of the Joint Powers Board financial plan.

Sheridan's Bar Scene: Going Smoke Free?

Sheridan's Bar Scene: Going Smoke Free? (Photo by Ron Richter)

First it was the Mint Bar. Then late last month, the Rainbow Bar followed, putting up no smoking signs during a memorial service for longtime bar owner Don Townsend.

Planning Commission Recommends Approval of Illinois Street Rezone

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(Photo by Ron Richter)

The City of Sheridan Planning and Zoning Commission considered a rezone request from First Federal Saving Bank at their meeting Monday night. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter was there and has the details.