Johnson County To Participate in Public Lands Initiative

Bill Novotny

Johnson County's Commissioners have voted to participate in the Wyoming Public Lands Initiative.

During their last regular meeting, the commissioners brought this subject for a vote to decide whether or not to back the initiative, sponsored by the Wyoming County Commissioner's Association.

JCSD1 Recognizes 'Students Of The Month' For April, May

Johnson County School District One's Board of Trustees recognized the “Students Of The Month” from each of the districts campuses for the months of April and May.

Lobban Avenue Project Preliminaries Set For Work To Begin

Lynn Barrett

Buffalo City Planning Director Lynn Barrett updated the city council on the Lobban Avenue Reconstruction Project that is now set to begin now that all of the preliminary work has been completed.

SAWS Meeting: Commissioners Talk About Vote

County commissioners who voted to discontinue talks about consolidating the Sheridan Area Water Supply under city ownership were asked to explain their reasons at a SAWS meeting Wednesday.

Laumann Shares History of Roads

Historian Helen Laumann shows a sheet of early-day road signs. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Wyoming has 33,000 miles of public roads, according to Sheridan historian Helen Laumann.

Sheridan Police Department Releases Statement on Social Media Speculation

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The Sheridan Police Department reported that speculation has surfaced on social media regarding the circumstances of an alleged battery, the handling of the investigation and priority level assigned to the investigation.

Cloud Peak Energy Speaks at Chamber Lunch

Cloud Peak Energy, the company which operates Spring Creek Mine and is the 4th largest coal producer in the U.S., was the speaker at Wednesday’s Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce Luncheon. They were there to educate people on what reclamation and bonding is, and why they are important.

Sheridan YMCA’s New Aquatic Center and Remodel Project

At Wednesday’s Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce Luncheon, Jay McGinnis talked about the Sheridan YMCA’s New Aquatic Center and Remodel project.

Herd Bull Shot ’Round the World

Posted in - For the past four winters visitors to the National Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole have glimpsed a mammoth elk that’s drawn worldwide attention for its large antlers.

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