Sculptor Gives Background on Da Vinci’s Horse

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Sheridan Media’s Leslie Stratmoen talked with a local artist earlier in the week about the Leonardo Da Vinci horse sculpture to be unveiled next week. Here’s her report.

Tularemia's Found in Humans, Animals

State health officials are warning Wyoming residents to keep an eye on their pets and other wildlife after several people and animals around the state have been diagnosed with the bacterial disease, tularemia, better known as rabbit fever.

Extra Security Being Considered Following Shooting

In the wake of the July shooting at a city-owned alcohol detoxification center in Riverton, managed by the VOA of the Northern Rockies in Sheridan, employees there have requested additional security measures.

Wyoming Brings Out Big Guns for Coal Hearing

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Wyoming brought out the big guns for Thursday's hearing in Gillette on whether to change the royalty program that determines fees the coal industry must pay to mine on federal public lands.

City's Working Out Curbside Recycling Issues

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(Photo by Ron Richter)

The City of Sheridan rolled out its curbside recycling program last week.

Pilot's Association Plans Airshow, Fly-In

(Photo by Judy Hagerott)

An open house, fly-in, and airshow at the Sheridan County Airport, brought to you by the Sheridan Pilots’ Association, will take place at the end of the month. Sheridan Media’s Ron Richter has the details.

Petition's Circulating for Medical Marijuana Initiative

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(Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons)

An initiative petition calling for the legalization of medical marijuana was handed over to supporters of the ballot measure Thursday.

Author Favors Traditional Publishing

Author Bryan Davis and one of his more than 20 books. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Bryan Davis, who's author of more than 20 books, is a proponent of traditional publishing, and the best way to get the attention of a traditional publisher, he says, is to attend writer's conferences.

Speaker Honors 'Plains Nation'

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Father Peter J. Powell was the guest lecturer at the Brinton Museum in Big Horn, Thursday night, sharing a glimpse into the lives and beliefs of three native nations, the Crow, the Lakota, and the Cheyenne. He said, they are a holy people, a holy nation.

Classes Start in County School Districts

Classes will start during the next few weeks for students in Sheridan County's three school districts, starting next week with Sheridan County School District 3.