Commission Considers Alltel Tower

Cell Phone Tower

The Sheridan County Commissioner's meeting was apparently the "place to be" on Tuesday, as their meeting room at Sheridan College quickly filled to "standing room only."

Jack Landon on 17th Amendment

Representative Jack Landon

Monday we told you that the Bank of Sheridan / poll question centered around legislation Representative Jack Landon had introduced this last session in Cheyenne. The bill, which proposed repealing the 17th Amendment from the US Constitution, failed on introduction.

Dayton Town Council Report

Dayton Mayor Bob Wood

At last night's Dayton Town Council meeting, Mayor Wood was officially appointed to be the voting delegate for the Town at the Wyoming Association of Municipalities Convention in June.

Five Seek Clerk's Seat

The Sheridan County Clerk's Office is located on the first floor of the newer section of the courthouse.

Five Sheridan County residents have submitted Letters of Intent to the Sheridan County Republican Party to indicate interest in filling the Sheridan County Clerk seat left vacant late last month after the death of Audrey Koltiska.

Fee Increases At Kendrick Golf Course?

City Council approves fee increases at Kendrick Golf Course, but not till next year.
City Council approves fee increases at Kendrick Golf Course, but not till next year.

The Sheridan City Council voted to implement a 3% fee increase at Kendrick Municipal Golf Course over a three year period; however, the fee raise won't go into effect until the 2011 season. The fee increases will take some of the load off of the City's general fund, in particular any future capital improvement projects at the golf course. Councilor John Bigelow.

Layoff Concerns

Local Union Firefighter President George Neeson

During the public comment period of Monday night's Sheridan City Council meeting, Local Firefighter Union President George Neeson addressed the Council about his concern with the way the City layoffs were handled, in particular, at Sheridan Fire Rescue.

It's Still About The Books At The Library

Books continue to be the key component at the library.

With today's technology being able to provide a slew of up-to-the minute information to our computers and hand held portable devices, one would think that checking out books at the library could be on its way to becoming a thing of the past. Sheridan County Fulmer Library Director Cathy Butler says it's still all about the books locally.

Snow Pack Report Is In

According to a report released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, western Wyoming is currently in a severe drought. The east side of the Bighorns have also seen a drier than normal winter, though not quite as severe as the west. Conservation Technician with the Sheridan County Conservation District, Jerry Forster, gives us the info for our region

The Powder River Cowboys Received A Warm--And Loud--Welcome Home

Welcome Home!!
Welcome Home!!

An estimated 500 people attended the "Soldier's Appreciation Day" celebration at the Sheridan County Fairgrounds, an event sponsored by the Sheridan People's Assistance Food Bank. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love was in attendance and has this report.

You Say "Toe-Maht-Toe," I Say "Toe-Mate-Oh"; You Say "Zowse," I Say...

You Better Get My Name Right Or....
You Better Get My Name Right Or....

Students in Sheridan College's Video Production Club learn to run video cameras and produce live TV shows--but that's not all--they also have frequent discussions on etymology. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love has the story

When you think about a college film club, "platform for debating word origins" is probably not your first association: