Kitty Bargain Days at the Shelter

Just a few of the cats at the Dog and Cat Shelter that are looking for a good home.

The Dog and Cat Shelter of Sheridan has 54 cats over four months on the adoption floor, which isn't very good for the felines state of mind to say the least.

City of Sheridan is Talking About Cell Phones

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The City of Sheridan is talking about cell phones once again. Concern about over use of personal phones during work hours had Sheridan City Council consider banning personal cell phones during the work day altogether.

No Unnecessary Travel On Red Grade Road

A travel warning has been issued for Red Grade Road. Sheridan County Commissioner Bob Rolston:

Senior Center Bazaar This Weekend

Sally Frost, Buffalo Senior Center

The Buffalo Senior Center will again be presenting its Senior Bazaar this Friday and Saturday. Aaron Palmer has the details.

Sheridan County Commission: Neutral on Rock Creek

Sheridan County Commission Chair Steve Maier

Sheridan County Commissioners held a fairly brief, but comment-filled regular board meeting Tuesday morning.

District 1 School Board: Beginning Superintendent Search

The Wyoming School Board Association will assist in the candidate search process of the new School District 1 superintendent.

The November Sheridan County School District 1 Board of Trustees meeting started an hour earlier than usual, to allow time for a presentation by Mark Higdon, President of the Wyoming School Board Association.

Osborne Trial: First Witness Takes Stand

Shawn Osborne is on trial for the alleged 1st Degree Murder of Gerald Bloom

The State called their first witness to the stand Monday afternoon in the 1st Degree Murder Trial of Shawn Osborne.

Osborne Trial: Opening Statements

Opening statements in the 1st Degree Murder Trial for Shawn Osborne got underway Monday afternoon in 4th Judicial District Court in Sheridan. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Darci Arsene spoke about the early morning hours of January 15, 2010, when the alleged murder of Gerald Bloom took place.

“Feed the Deer Spice”

Photo by Deer Run Graphics

“Feed the deer spice” was one facetious remark from an attendee at Sheridan City Council's meeting Monday night. The comment was referring to two of the big issues on the table at the meeting. One had to do with controlling the growing deer population within Sheridan city limits.

JC Commission to Meet in Kaycee

Johnson County Commissioners

The Johnson County Commissioners will meet in Kaycee on Tuesday at the Harold Jarrard Park Building Conference Room. Johnson County News Director for Sheridan Media, Aaron Palmer, with more.