Buffalo Stars Of Tomorrow Contest Today at BHS

The 54th annual Stars Of Tomorrow contest, sponsored by the Buffalo Kiwanis Club will be presented today (Sunday) at 4pm at the Buffalo High School Auditorium.

Medicaid Vital Insurance Source in Rural Wyo

(WY News Service) -- Three big components - demographics, economics and healthcare - make Medicaid vital in rural areas of Wyoming, that's according to a new study by the Center for Rural Affairs. Study author, Jon Bailey, CFRA director of research and analysis.

St. Patrick's Day

It's St. Patrick's Day. While many Americans celebrate with green beer and green t-shirts, we took some time to talk to an Irishman about the holiday's origins.

Celebrate St. Patty's Day At Various Events In Buffalo

For those looking for something to do to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, there are a number of things to do in and around Buffalo this Saturday.

Economic Update and Forecast Forum

Economic Update and Forecast Forum

The Sheridan Holiday Inn was the site of the 2012 Sheridan, Wyoming Economic Update and Forecast forum Friday morning.

Court Rules in Favor of City of Sheridan in Summary of Judgment Hearing

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Court Rules in Favor of City of Sheridan in Summary of Judgment Hearing

A Summary of Judgment hearing was held this morning in 4th Judicial District Court in Sheridan regarding the local Firefighters Union lawsuit against the City of Sheridan over wage increases that were denied last year.

“The Work is Not Yet Done”

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Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey announces that he'll seek a third term as Mayor of Sheridan.

At the conclusion of the Economic Update and Forecast Forum at the Sheridan Holiday Inn Friday morning, Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey put an end to those wondering if he would seek another term as Mayor of Sheridan. Mayor Dave Kinskey on why he decided to seek re-election.

Data Center Tour

Ptolemy CEO Ryan Mullholand stands outside the soon-to-be completed Ptolemy Data Center last week. The center is located in North Sheridan on the Wrench Ranch Hills Subdivision. (Brad Estes)
From left, Mayor Dave Kinskey, Butch Jellis, and Mulholland stand inside Ptolemy's vault. (Brad Estes)
The central hallway cuts through the 6,000 square foot facility, above the most windows in the entire facility. (Brad Estes)
Then entrance to the data center where visitors, by appointment only, will be greeted by a security guard in the entryway before being buzzed through. (Brad Estes)

Construction of Ptolemy Data System's new data center is on-schedule, set for completion in August. We took a tour of that new facility last week.

College President Thankful for Funding

Dr. Paul Young

While the Governor's initial recommendation was for the seven Wyoming community colleges to receive $15 million in increased enrollment growth funding, after a fight by legislators, the final amount for colleges was $7.7 million. Sheridan College President Dr. Paul Young had this to say during Thursday's Public Pulse.