Weather Forecast Moves “Pet-O-Ween” Inside

Frigid weather predicted to pass over Sheridan has caused “Pet-O-Ween” to be moved indoors. Kandy DeTavernier, lead organizer of the Dog and Cat Shelter's annual fundraiser, provides the details.

Workers' Take-Home Pay Set To Shrink in 2013

The Wyoming workforce is going to notice slightly slimmer paychecks when the New Year rolls around. A nationwide Federal Insurance Contributions Act Tax cut was implemented in 2011, and this year, there has been no initiative in Congress to continue the tax break for workers.

Justice Center JPB Discusses Building's HVAC System

The Criminal Justice Center's Joint Powers Board, at their last meeting, discussed the HVAC system and a possible service agreement to provide maintenance to the system at the new justice center.

Contractor Fixing Issues At Jo Co's New Judicial Center

At the Johnson County Commission's last meeting, the commissioners discussed numerous problems with the new building, and decided they needed to meet with representatives of Groathouse Construction to address those issues.

Registration Open for Christmas Stroll 2012

Registration Open for Christmas Stroll 2012 (photo courtesy of Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce)

For the 17th year in a row, the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce will be holding its Christmas Stroll event on Main Street the day after Thanksgiving. This year's theme will be "Strolling with the Elves."

Broadband Connectivity in Wyoming is Up to Speed

Broadband Connectivity in Wyoming is Up to Speed

General manager of Sheridan-based Advanced Communications Technology, Aaron Sopko, was one of two locals to present at the first ever Wyoming Broadband Summit in Cheyenne Tuesday. He was joined by Tom Richards, a Sheridan doctor who is savvy to combining technology and medicine.

Town Hall Meeting Sheds Light on Ways to Combat Substance Abuse

Town Hall Meeting Sheds Light on Ways to Combat Substance Abuse

Prevention specialist Thom Gabrukiewicz with Sheridan County's Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention said Tuesday's town hall meeting was a success in terms of learning about the community's attitudes towards drugs and alcohol.

Hospital Board Waives County Funding for a Good Cause

Sheridan Memorial Hospital CEO Mike McCafferty

The Sheridan Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees held a special meeting Wednesday, where they voted to waive the funds allocated to the hospital from Sheridan County.

A Showing of Appreciation

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City of Sheridan Streets Supervisor Bill Schwabauer was presented with a certificate of excellence that was presented to him Wednesday. (Photo by Ron Richter)

The City of Sheridan held an appreciation BBQ Wednesday for the members of the City Streets Division. Public Works Director Nic Bateson says that it was the least they could do after the streets division put in such a banner year.

Keeping the Kids Safe

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Sheridan Police Sargeant Tom Ringley

Sheridan Police Department School Resource Officers Dan White and and Sam Damon have been busy hitting Sheridan schools emphasizing child safety with their “stranger danger” presentations.