Junior High History Quilt

One of 60 quilt squares on Mr. Peterson's Sheridan Jr. High history classes quilt.

Students in Mr. Peterson's history classes at Sheridan Junior High School just completed their 2nd Semester research project. For twelve years in all teaching history, and for the fourth year since coming to SJHS, Mr. Peterson has had his students make a quilt. One year a quilt was made up of squares showing the history of how Sheridan's street names came to be.

Unitarians Put Down Roots

Members of the Unitarian Universalist Church plant a tree in dedication of their new building.

For the first time in thirty years, the Sheridan Unitarian Universalist Fellowship owns its own building.  Local president Victor Ashear says this is quite an accomplishment.

YMCA to Assist KARES

Tuesday afternoon the clients, parents, friends and staff at the RENEW KARES home gathered for a special announcement. Sheridan Media's Mary Jo Johnson has more.

Funding Concept for Cancer Center Approved

Sheridan Memorial Hospital CEO Mike McCafferty
Sheridan Memorial Hospital CEO Mike McCafferty

Sheridan Memorial Hospital CEO Mike McCafferty presented the Board of Trustees with a proposal for a funding concept for expansion of the Welch Cancer Center. McCafferty explains the proposal that was approved by the Board.

State Jobless Rate Decreases for Third Straight Month

Wyoming jobless rate decreases for third straight month.
Wyoming jobless rate decreases for third straight month.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - The Wyoming Department of Employment says the state's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate has fallen for the third consecutive month. Wyoming's jobless rate for April was 7.1 percent. It has fallen steadily from January's 7.6 percent rate.

Young Wildlife Should Be Left Alone

Young ducklings like this should be left alone.
Young ducklings like this should be left alone.

Over the next few weeks, people may notice an abundance of young wildlife milling about. Game and Fish Information Specialist Warren Mischke says that people finding young animals often assume the newborns have been abandoned, which is almost never the case.

Local Meeting About Healthcare Changes

Health Care Meeting

A meeting about the Sheridan Chamber of Commerce's health insurance program was held at Sheridan College Wednesday. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss benefit changes in the Chamber plan and also how the recently-passed healthcare reform legislation will affect local businesses.

Chamber Director Janelle Anderson

Brian King Resigns From College Board

Opening At College

The Northern Wyoming Community College District Board of Trustees accepted the resignation of board member Brian King this week. King, who has been on the board for a year and a half, is moving to Laramie because his wife was accepted into a PhD program at the University of Wyoming.

Red Grade Road to Partially Open

Sheridan County Commissioner Bob Rolston
Sheridan County Commissioner Bob Rolston

The Sheridan County Public Works Department and Sheridan County Commission have announced that Red Grade Road shall be open to the Ranger Station, effective this Friday, May 28th at 8 am. County Commissioner Bob Rolston says that people should keep in mind that the road won't be in the greatest shape when it opens.

Cassidy Quarterman Sentencing Postponed

4th Judicial District Courtroom, Sheridan WY

27-year-old Cassidy Quarterman went before Judge John Fenn in 4th Judicial District Court Tuesday morning to be sentenced on 19 counts of forgery. Quarterman had plead guilty to the charges, which indicated that she had written checks on her grandmother's bank account totaling over $8,000, forging her grandmother's signature.