Story Fish Hatchery Focus of Talk

Infant trout from the Story Fish Hatchery. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Infant trout from the Story Fish Hatchery. (Photo by Pat Blair)

The fish hatchery in Story was the topic of this week's Wyoming Wednesday at Sheridan's Fifth Street Information Center.

Hatchery Supervisor Steve Diekema talked about the facility's operations and how the facility helps bring back a native species back home.

An audience of a dozen children and their teachers from Marion Day Care and Learning Center in Sheridan asked questions and got close-up views of young cutthroat trout and trout eggs. The hatchery supervisor said the Story facility's primary purpose is to provide eggs to the nine other hatcheries in Wyoming.

He said the Story hatchery only raises trout, but six species are raised there including brown, brook, lake, golden and rainbow, in addition to the cutthroat. Cutthroat trout are divided into four subspecies, named for the Yellowstone, Colorado, Snake and Bear rivers.

Trout are cold-water fish. The hatchery supervisor said in addition to using the eggs for restocking in Wyoming, trout eggs also are traded to fisheries in other states for warm-water fish. For example, he said, warm-water walleyes are transported into Wyoming from Minnesota in exchange for cold-water trout.

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Fish Hatchery Supervisor Steve Diekema at presentation. (Photo by Pat Blair)