Sheridan Speedway: 'Community Made it Happen'

Sheridan Speedway: 'Community Made it Happen' (Photos by Chris Foy)
Sheridan Speedway: 'Community Made it Happen' (Photos by Chris Foy)

When was the last time you heard one of these, or saw one up close? For many, it was in 2006 - when the last race took place on the dirt track of the Sheridan Speedway. Sheridan Media's Chris Foy has the story.

Jeff and Lorna Pelesky, of Sheridan, have two race cars in their garage. One of the cars was a regular sight at the now-defunct Sheridan Speedway, which has sit unused, vandalized and decaying since the last race in 2006.

Ken Harmon grew up - literally - at the speedway. Along with raising his two oldest children at the old speedway, Harmon loved to race. He originally didn't want to be interviewed because he, along with many others in the community, have already shed plenty of blood, sweat and tears over the loss of the speedway. And when he says it was the best thing going in his life then, he means it.

Jeff Pelesky says during its heydey, the community made the speedway happen as local businesses joined forces with motorsports enthusiasts in donating supplies and labor to make sure everything was right.

But both Harmon and Jeff, who once raced himself, stress that re-opening the speedway is not about them. While Lorna was showing me one of their two cars this weekend, a young boy peeked his head from around the corner - seeing a race car for the first time in his life.

As we reported last week, Sheridan High School junior Spencer Porden is spearheading a re-energized effort to raise the funds necessary to purchase the speedway. $500,000 would buy the 38-acre property, while $30,000 would lease the land for four months.

For more information on the group's efforts to get the Sheridan Speedway up and running once again, visit

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