Sheridan Man Sentenced on Multiple Drug Charges

Sheridan Man Sentenced on Multiple Drug Charges

In a full 4th Judicial District courtroom Thursday morning, 21-year-old Trevor Dunham of Sheridan was sentenced to 5 to 8 years in prison after pleading guilty to multiple charges stemming from heroin and cocaine distribution in Sheridan.

“It gives me no pleasure to send a 21-year-old to prison,” District Court Judge John Fenn said during his sentencing remarks. “He [Dunham] was clearly suffering from addiction, but at the same time he was clearly responsible for bringing significant quantities of drugs into this community - particularly to this community's youth.”

Dunham's attorney Ryan Healy told the court that no one is denying that Dunham's actions were "horrible" and that Dunham has since admitted that what he did was wrong. He asked Fenn for a 2 to 4 year sentence in a boot camp a rehabilitation program.

Prosecuting attorney for the state, Darci Arsene, asked for "significant penitentiary time". She said Dunham's actions made him a "cancer to the community" citing his contributions in creating a drug culture with a trickle down effect into Sheridan High School.

Fenn said that in this case the facts are “particularly aggravating” since Dunham was out on bond and continued to buy and sell drugs.

Dunham's initial arrest came after he sold cocaine and heroin to a confidential DCI informant. After that arrest, while released on a $5,000 bond and still under DCI surveillance, Dunham traveled to Denver with now-18-year-old Aline McWilliams, purchasing more drugs. Dunham was arrested on I-90 outside of Sheridan.

McWilliams received a deferred sentence from the court last week after completing two months of a court-ordered drug treatment program in Casper. Fenn placed her on three to five years probation.

Dunham was sentenced Thursday on charges including conspiracy to deliver controlled substance, 4 to 7 years in prison; delivery of a controlled substance, heroin, 5 to 8 years; and delivery of controlled substance cocaine, 5 to 8 years. Those sentences will be served concurrently, essentially equaling 5 to 8 years at the state penitentiary in Rawlins.

An additional 4 to 7 year sentence for delivery of heroin - from the second arrest while released on bond - was imposed but will be suspended in lieu of 7 years probation following his release from prison.

He was also ordered to pay a total of nearly $15,000 in fines to the court with $1,600 of that to the state as compensation for DCI investigation costs.

In regard to the substantial amount of fines that Dunham will have to pay, Fenn said during sentencing that he doesn't normally impose such heavy fines, but Dunham was “taking the easy way out” by selling drugs, not being employed and not paying taxes on the money he was earning.

Following his prison time in Rawlins, in the case that Dunham violated conditions of his probation he would be faced with the 4 to 7 year prison sentence.

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