Sheridan Aviators Face Parking Perils

Sheridan Aviators Face Parking Perils

Sheridan County Airport is the second busiest airport in the state, according to Airport Manager, John Stopka.

He says Cheyenne is the only airport in the state with more planes on its runways.

In other words, a lot of people in Sheridan have private planes, and the airport has been short on hangar space for a long time. Every hangar space is full, and Stopka has a dozen or so more customers wanting to park their planes on a waiting list.

The crunch for plane storage has resulted in some private planes being parked in the open air. Another aviator partially disassembles his plane after each flight so it can fit into a trailer.

Stopka approached the Sheridan County Commissioners this week to get the bond process started to build more hangars.

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