V.A. Participates in “Point in Time” Count

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is sponsoring the Point in Time Homeless Count

Today in Sheridan, the VA Medical Center and the Sheridan Police Department are teaming up on a unique project. Will Banks is a Social Worker and Homeless Grant and Per Diem Liaison at the VAMC. He explains.

Shopping Showcase Saturday in Buffalo

Deerfield Building, Downtown Buffalo.

Local home-based vendors will gather under one roof this Saturday in Buffalo to offer their goods to the public at the Downtown Shopping Showcase.

JC Library's Winter Reading Program

Mary Rhoads of the Johnson County Library

Winter is a perfect time for reading a good book, and now the time spent reading can not only broaden your horizons intellectually, it can also give you the chance to win some great prizes at the Johnson County Library's Winter Reading Program.

“Military Funerals Have Become Pagan Orgies...” Group Coming to Sheridan

“God hates America and is Killing our Troops in His Wrath.” Or, at least according to the Westboro Baptist Church members, who are expected to make an appearance in Sheridan Thursday. Their plan is to protest the funeral of Private Jesse Cerwick at Holy Name Catholic Church. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love has the details in this editorial piece.

A Change in Bylaws for SEEDA?

Sheridan College President and SEEDA Chairman Dr. Paul Young

A change to their bylaws is something that the Sheridan Economic and Educational Development Authority Joint Powers Board discussed at length Tuesday.

New Hazardous Waste Recycling Facility Unveiled

The City of Sheridan held an open house and ribbon cutting for the new Household Hazardous Waste Facility.

The City of Sheridan held an open house and ribbon cutting Tuesday for the new Household Hazardous Waste Facility at the City Landfill. City Solid Waste Manager Charles Martineau.

Barrasso on Afghanistan Presence

U.S. Senator John Barrasso and U.S. Senator Kay Hagan from North Carolina visit with troops in Afghanistan during a recent visit to the Middle East. (Photo Courtesy of Senator John Barrasso)

The United States Military presence in Afghanistan has been the center of debate for some time now. Troops began to be deployed almost a decade ago, shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. U.S. While there are those that feel our troops should have been pulled out of Afghanistan years ago, U.S.

SEEDA Receives Update on a Couple of Projects

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The Perkins building along with the WYO Theater, and the Hallmark building may be renovated to enhance the performing arts in Sheridan.

The Sheridan Economic and Educational Development Joint Powers Board met for their monthly meeting Tuesday morning. The Board received an update on the status of the WYO Theater renovation project.

Representative Madden Sponsors Merit Pay Bill

Representative Mike Madden

Of the many education bills going through the legislature this session, one, House Bill 72, deals with Teacher Merit Pay. Sponsored by Representative Mike Madden of Buffalo, he says it's moving through nicely so far.

Every Girl Deserves to be a Princess

Ellen Goode-Neeson wants to help low-income girls attend prom.

Little girls play at dress-up all the time and when it comes to prom, it’s no different.  It’s instinctive – girls just want to look pretty, but not everyone can afford prom night finery.