Reuter to Have Mental Evaluation

Kyle Reuter child pornography trial delayed for mental evaluation.
Kyle Reuter child pornography trial delayed for mental evaluation.

23-year-old Kyle Reuter was scheduled to have a pre-trial conference in 4th Judicial District Court Tuesday, with his trial scheduled for May 19th. Reuter has been charged with Possession of Child Pornography.

However, Judge Fenn indicated that he had received a Motion for Change of Plea, telling the Court that Reuter's attorneys question his competency. Fenn held up a document indicating that in 2007, a mental evaluation had been done on Reuter, for a separate case involving a similar charge.

Reuter's attorney Tuesday, Stephanie Humphrey, told Judge Fenn that new information learned in a confidential interview with another attorney, Mr. Eric Hevenor prompted him to question Reuter's mental health. Humphrey added that this meeting and information from discovery didn't match up.

Prosecutor for the State, Diana Bennett, told Judge Fenn that it is not uncommon for Reuter's statements and discovery to not match up. Judge Fenn told Humphrey that he would order a new mental evaluation, but that Reuter is at the mercy of the State Hospital's schedule, and he is to remain incarcerated in the Sheridan County Detention Center.

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