Johnson County Adopts Budget

Johnson County commissioners expect to spend $14.9 million this year to operate the county.

Juvenile Reported Injured in Collision

A juvenile was taken to Sheridan Memorial Hospital by a family member after his bicycle collided with a vehicle Monday night on Highway 335 in Big Horn.

Sheridan County Adopts Balanced Budget

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Sheridan County Commissioners Tuesday adopted a general fund budget of $14.7 million, which is down 3.6 percent from the previous fiscal year.

Stay Cool, Stay Hydrated, and Stay Informed

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With temperatures expected to range from the upper 90’s to the lower 100’s over the next several days, Sheridan County Public Health Nurse Manager Debra Haar said that people need to remember to stay cool, stay hydrated, and stay informed when the mercury rises.

County Narrowly Approves Rezone Request

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A request to rezone a 10-acre piece of property that fronts County Road #113 and sits adjacent to Prairie Spring Lane was narrowly approved by the Sheridan County Commissioners Tuesday. The applicant requested to rezone the area from Agricultural to Rural Residential.

G&F Officials Continue to Advocate Bear Awareness

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This spring and early summer there was plenty of bear activity in Sheridan County, as there were numerous sightings of black bears in the area.

Downtown Parking Ordinance Enforcement

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Historic Downtown Sheridan is typically the first stop shop for many locals who live in the area. Couple that with the influx of tourists who take to downtown, and the issue of parking, or lack thereof, comes to the forefront.

Wyoming News Update

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Latest Wyoming news, sports, business and entertainment

Sheridan High School Construction Project Remains on Track

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This spring Sheridan high school started construction on the remodel of the athletic wing on the west side of the building the project was split into two phases, phase one was complete this spring and phase two is approaching completion.

Whitney Arts Center Nears Completion

The new Whitney Arts Center at Sheridan College will be ready for students and faculty when the fall semester starts next month.