Pig Wrestling Draws Crowd

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Pig Wrestling Draws Crowd

The Sheridan County Fair just wouldn't be the same, for some, without the pig wrestling event. Sheridan Media's Judy Hagerott went ring side to bring us the story.

The crowds were there; the contestants were there and most important, the pigs were also there. Pigs of all sizes. It was this year's Pig Wrestling Contest held at the fairgrounds, all part of the Sheridan County Fair.

How do you catch a pig in a pen full of mud? Ron Dalin of Double D Hog Wrestling hauled his pigs over from Greybull for the event. He tells us the secret to pig wrestling.

It's all about teamwork. This was Sherrie Reish's first time in the pig pen. She shows us how to call a pig.

Okay...Sueee,it is. There's a lot of strategy to pig wrestling. Jerry Foster headed up the team called the Cellular Hogs. They came in 2nd place last year with hopes of taking 1st this year. He shares the team's wisdom.

Sounds simple enough, but is was the Pot Bellies that won the men's division. Chris Sorenson has wrestled those porkers for years and tells us his team's winning strategy.

Hailey Ligocki and her team the Wild Hogs won the women's division with this plan.

Remember Sherrie Reish's attempt to call a pig. Her team, the Dirty Nurses didn't win, but for Sherrie, pig wrestling is now in her blood.

Photos are posted below.

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