Park 2 Park Traverses Sheridan Pathways

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(photos by Tracee Davis)
(photos by Tracee Davis)

A few hundred of Sheridan's park and pathway enthusiasts met up to travel one of the longest routes on the town's pathway system for this year's Park 2 Park event.

Bikers, walkers and runners met at South Park Saturday morning to begin their Sheridan-spanning journey to North Park. Along the way, participants were treated to expert demonstrations of new ways to have fun. The first friendly face along the trail was Dan Alsup, a frisbee golf enthusiast, who was standing by to give a crash course in the sport.

After his interview, Alsup made a hole-in-one with his frisbee at launching pad number six at Shady Acres.

Park 2 Park continued down the pathways, and under the bridge at Coffeen Avenue. When participants got to Washinton Park, there was another surprise in store. Caryn Moxey, personal trainer and owner of PurEnergy Fitness, had set up an obstacle course with some of the her gym's latest and greatest equipment.

Further down the pathway, there was an obstacle course for kids as well. When the Park 2 Park travelers made it to North Park, roughly 5 miles from their starting point, they could turn around and head back, or they could hop a ride back on the trolley. Steve Gage, City of Sheridan Parks Maintainence Supervisor, was waiting to congratulate them upon their arrival.

Park 2 Park is an annual celebration of Sheridan's parks and pathways, which provide exceptional opportunities for outdoor recreation.

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