New Location, Longer Hours Boost Clinic's Ability to Serve

Sheridan Health Center Executive Director Cathi Kindt. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Sheridan Health Center Executive Director Cathi Kindt. (Photo by Pat Blair)

A new name, new location and extended hours have boosted Sheridan Health Center's ability to provide quality medical care to Sheridan County's uninsured residents, says the Center's Executive Director Cathi Kindt.

Referring to the new location, behind the existing Public Health building on Main Street, Kindt says, “Our patients have loved it. The central location has helped.”

That location was one of the reasons for the move, Kindt said. It's convenient to other health care resources that Sheridan Health Center patients use.

The former Free Clinic of Sheridan, which became Sheridan Health Center last summer and moved to its new facilities earlier this year, added a nurse practitioner to its staff in July, and is now open from 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. Before that, the clinic was open only Monday and Thursday evenings.

The new nurse practitioner is Brenda Mosher, who explains the difference between a nurse practitioner and a doctor.

Mosher provides full, holistic patient care, Kindt says, including health screening and health education services.

“We rely on physicians for consultants,” Kindt says. Currently, the physicians are Dr. Ian Hunter and Dr. Cindy Sharp.

The health center's other paid staff includes Janelle Anderson, receptionist, and registered nurse Lizza Kister. That core staff is supported by volunteers, Kindt says, who serve in a variety of capacities both medical and non-medical.

Kindt adds there are probably a “solid dozen” volunteers at present, and the clinic can always use more.

The goal of the clinic is to provide comprehensive, and quality, health care in a non-emergency setting to Sheridan County residents between ages 19 an 64, who do not have insurance coverage. Services include acute and chronic care management, limited medications, basic diagnostic studies, patient health education and referral for other services.

Among Anderson's duties is to verify eligibility of those who come to the clinic. She says that includes proof that they live in Sheridan County and proof of income. Appointments must be scheduled.

Patients of the clinic aren't asked for payment, Kindt says, but they are asked, if they're able, to make a donation to help continue the clinic's operation.

Sheridan County provides some funding for Sheridan Health Center, with the remainder coming from grants and individual donations.

Kindt adds, “We're a community driven, community supported partnership.”

She says that, during the next year, the clinic will be evaluating the changes it has made, including the new hours.

“We're always evaluating our needs,” she says, “and we continue building relationships with the medical and the rest of the community.”

Sheridan Health Center receptionist Janelle Anderson takes a phone call. Sheridan Health Center Executive Director Cathi Kindt. Health Center staff Lizza Kister, RN, and nurse practitioner Brenda Mosher smile as they're photographed checking files.

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