Mrs. Claus Reveals 'Secret Identity'

 Photo courtesy of the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce and Deer Run Graphics (Stan Woinoski).
Photo courtesy of the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce and Deer Run Graphics (Stan Woinoski).

Many area residents, children and adults, have noticed that Mrs. Claus looks a lot like a certain well-known Sheridan resident. Well … turns out that's no accident. Mrs. Claus has a secret identity. And this week, she shared her secret with Sheridan Media.

Besides being at the Christmas Stroll in downtown Sheridan Friday night, the Claus couple attend other events including a Jaycees breakfast and Spring Creek Coal's family day at the movies. They'll also be at the Community Holiday Dinner on Dec. 8.

Mrs. Claus said she's been coming to Sheridan for about 35 years. It started back when radio station KROE used to call her at the North Pole to read letters to Santa written by local children. She says sometimes Santa's elves would get involved too, singing Christmas songs. When the annual Christmas Stroll began 18 years ago, Mrs. Claus and Santa got involved in that, too.

She said Santa originally was in the WYO Theater. Then he moved into the old Woolworth Building at the corner of Main and Grinnell for a while before he and Mrs. Claus began using City Hall. Mrs. Claus helps Santa because, sometimes, the very young children are afraid of the jolly old gentlemen. Then, she said, the youngster can sit on her lap while he or she talks to Santa.

Mrs. Claus always wears her special holiday perfume – L'air d' Temps. She said kids have told her they know she's the real Mrs. Claus because she's wearing that perfume. One of the things she enjoys, she said, is that after so many years, people who sat on her lap when they were little are now bringing their children and grandchildren to see her and Santa.

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Judy Taylor, Mrs. Claus' "alter ego." (Photo by Pat Blair)