Local Developer Arrested by U.S. Border Patrol for Possessing Drugs and Guns

A local developer was recently arrested in Arizona and charged with possession of illegal drugs and unregistered firearms. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love
has the story

Scott Bliss is the man behind several highly controversial real estate developments, including the Indian Paintbrush Estates and the Bozeman Trail Ranches. According to police and court documents, Bliss was arrested near Amado, Arizona on December 5th, after United States Border Patrol service canines alerted patrol officers to the vehicle Bliss was driving.

After searching the vehicle, approximately 4.85 grams of methamphetamine, an AR-15 Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle with a bi-pod and home made silencer, as well as 24 grams of marijuana, were seized.

According to the latest information, Bliss was charged with possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine, and may face further charges in regard to illegal possession of firearms.

Bliss was released on a $25,000 bond and on December 23, and a judge signed an order allowing Bliss to enter a drug rehabilitation facility in Oregon.

Neither Bliss's attorney nor the prosecuting attorney has yet been able to be reached for comment.

Stay tuned to Sheridan Media as we will bring you more details as they become available.

For Sheridan Media dot com news, this is Betsy Love reporting.

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Ignorance is not Bliss...

I've know Scott my whole life and he is a good person. It is painfully obvious that the drugs were for personal consumption and not intended for any kind of profit. The gun is standard issue for a Wyoming kid and the silencer was likely used to keep the noise down for his neighbors when he shot it on his ranch. It amazes me how spiteful people are in this case and not more supportive. I admit, on the surface it does look bad, but, if people would just look at the facts and get them straight before jumping to conclusions and snap judgements I think they would have a different perspective. Scott probably does have a drug and alcholhol problem and I am glad to see he is addressing it. Hopefully he will be a better person and make wiser choices in the future. As for the development gripes I suggest peole look around, we are in the midst of the biggest real estate bust ever. Just because the economy went south doesn't mean you can blame one guy for the whole mess that's just plain ignorant. Good luck Scott, I support you in your rehabilitation and wish the best for you and your family.

As a close friend to Scott,

As a close friend to Scott, I can tell you he is NOT a drug dealer and I am positive that he has no intention of hurting anyone unless they were to threaten his or his family's life. Of course, people can speculate, judge and "imagine" all the scenarios they might have time to. In a small town (and especially in this one) people think they own you and know everything about your life. I can tell you that you know nothing of this man unless you know him personally. He is a very good man.

In FULL support of Scott and his recovery

Our family is 100% behind you Scott. Look ahead not back here in jealous Sheridan. Their news is so infrequent and small, not too mention completely out of touch with the rest of the world. People are bored which is why they post like they know you personally.

We are so proud of you...keep your head your head up, there is a great life ahead!

What Scott will find.......

Scott will find a "Man to Man relationship" where he is heading.......And it won't be Jesus! Say hello Satan!
I find it interesting that the Sheridan Press was way late (as usual) in reporting this story....... Sheridan Media was right on top of this story, and will not doubt beat the Press on any follow-ups.........

Where are you going?

Right on top of it? "It" happened on December 5th and the crime dogs sniffed it late January. That is about as "right on top of it" as the rest of your statement. All you Bliss haters can go back to living your life through blogging about someone else's lowpoint. There are tons of other stories just like this out there. Someone who is mildly successful gets in trouble and there are good friends and people to help & SUPPORT, and then there are the armchair quarterbacks that think they know exactly what they must of done, why they did it. MOVE ON

We should all pray

that Scott will find Jesus on his way through those twelve steps.

A good suggestion - - - but,

A good suggestion - - - but, the 12-step program is a tool of satan's to lead us away from the one, true God.

Pretty obvious you are not

Pretty obvious you are not even vaguely familiar with the AA book and the 12 step program. Take your ignorant comments somewhere else!

I had to go through

I had to go through "treatment" so I do know what I'm talking about.

Drug Dealer........

You don't get caught the FIRST time you are dealing DRUGS!
What is a SILENCER for?
This guy has been dealing for years! He needs Jail time, as well as rehab......... Sounds to me like he was going to Mexico for a buying spree to bring back to Sheridan and finance his "Developing!"
Scott Bliss has been using drugs for years, and just now got caught!
Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time! Be a big boy now and take your punishment like a man. Get help, and get on with life! Good Luck.

I find it disturbing that

I find it disturbing that the only "Comments" I see on this website are vindictive and slanderous. They are never informative or insightful; instead are almost always emotional conjectures and ill thought out theories. None of your malcontent is going to bring about any positive change to this community, and I very strongly believe it is what holds this town back. I truly feel sorry for people that have nothing better to do. My mother used to say, "if you can't say something nice...." or "better to keep your mouth shut and be thought stupid than to open it and prove it"; you get the idea.

Do you think cops say nice

Do you think cops say nice things about the citizens when they get busted for drugs or domestic abuse?

He is a JOKE....... poor sob.

The guy really butchered the Indian Paintbrush Subdivison! He was probably the most "unpopular" "Developer" in the recent history of Sheridan! (Think Wetlands, and above ground septic tanks!) Guy is a "Flim Flam Man" in that he took land that should have NEVER been developed, and sold it for homes! Wait for a wet spring, and there will be a HUGE Mess! Yes, this guy IS a JOKE! Well said!
I am sure the Mayor and he are also bedfellows, DUI, Drugs? Kinda goes hand in hand? What is next? Why isn't this story in the Sheridan Press? Thanks Mommy!

Whoever wrote this post is a

Whoever wrote this post is a total idiot. do yourself a favor and turn your tv off, try and get out and live a little. If your not to scared.


COPS are worse than the average criminal!!! The whole system is a Joke!!! Sheridan Cops are as crooked as they get as far as im concerned!

Get a life! The cops in this

Get a life! The cops in this town do an excellent job. If you can do it better, go and apply.

Next Time

The biggest mistake that Bliss made was that he bought his drugs off of a street dealer instead of a pharmacy. He could have gone to a doctor and said that he has ADHD, and got a prescription for pharmaceutical grade speed, ADERAL. Half of the people in Sheridan are on some kind of prescription drug that they mix with alcohol for "pain". What a bunch of hypocrites.

If Bliss has to do one more day in jail for his "crime" it will be a real miscarriage of justice. The charges are completely overblown, like most drug charges.

The Blisster Laugh!

Knowing Scott I can hear his cackle over these fools who have an axe to grind! Did he make a mistake, maybe do you know why he was near the border? Maybe he was visiting his wifes family? Who knows but Mj is legal in Montana and 17 other states, maybe it's time Wyoming does the same. Stop the motto "Wyoming -were almost square" and join the 21st century!

So he accidentally picked up

So he accidentally picked up some meth too? Not really concerned about the marijuana. I am more concerned about the meth.....the drug that is detroying our country and families. He can laugh all he wants but when it comes to Meth, its serious business!

I do not understand how any

I do not understand how any of this has to deal with the Mayor of Sheridan. I don't think that his name was involved ever in the article. Why attack a person because he is involved in business with a man that is in the news. That's like saying Phil Mickelson cheats on his wife because he is friends with Tiger...reply about the news people and not a conspiracy theory about local politics.

A Joke!

Bliss is pretty much a JOKE. He has been for years, and is a many, many time loser......... I have known him for years, and I am sure that with treatment, he will be right back in "Drug Coulture" in a few years...... He is most egotisical, selfish, and spoiled...... My guess? He will continue to be a bum after a few years..... What a joke! Guy is a JOKE!

Exactly, what have you done

Exactly, what have you done with your life? Are you jealous of his motivation and success. He pursued opportunities in Sheridan that none else dare try. Keep in mind the guy has a Civil Engineering Degree and a minor in Economics. What is your level of education? I have known Scott since I was twelve years old and watch walk through the College of Engineering at Montana State University little difficulty.

so the guy has some book

so the guy has some book smarts?! wow, that only got him so far. Now he is facing serious time. I dont care if you are a drug dealer, prostitute, lawyer, or the fricken president; if you are caught with meth, marijuana, and a gun w a silencer on it you have some problems are trouble. Take the name out of the story and I would hope you would feel differently then you are. Or maybe you do think that carrying around a bit of meth is totally normal and accepting?

Your comments are the joke

What justifies you to call him a joke? What justifies you to call him a loser? Is it jealousy at his entrepreneurial abilities? Scott has been many things in his life with his versatile abilities and savvy business sense, but no, he has never been a joke, and has been the furthest thing away from a loser. Scott has made something of himself several times over. I'm curious to know what you've done with your life.

You are the Joke!

You are a joke. You can't even spell "culture" right. I don't know who you are, but if we were to lay your life open for everyone to see what would we find? Any skeletons? Porn, drug use, alcohol, cheating, lying, theft? Look in the mirror joke, before you go casting personal judgment.


What in the world could this guy have dont to be called a joke? Because you think he is arrogant he won't stay sober? Why do you care? Is he a threat to you? How has Bliss harmed you in any way besides apparently being arrogant to you because he was probably saw what a tool you are. You have no reason to write about Bliss being a joke except for jealousy. It is childish to be jealous of a guy who buys land and develops it legally without wishing it was you who could do it. GROW UP AND LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE, OR IS IT TOO BORING? By the way it is "culture"!

Yes, in fact, he is a threat

Yes, in fact, he is a threat to me, my family, and my friends. My family owned land nearby a hayfield that he recently developed into an atrocious subdivision. We've hayed that plot of land for years. There's so much history there, and it's been destroyed in a matter of months to line his pockets with cash. And that's not even to mention the marijuana and meth. I hope he goes away for a long time, in all honesty.



Why should anyone be "jealous" of Scott Bliss?

What’s with these comments that some other posters are “jealous” of Scott Bliss? I suggest a look in a dictionary. What’s to be “jealous” of a guy that many people have grown to distrust over the years and was recently arrested on drug and firearm charges?

The “jealous” comments remind me of an acquaintance. Every time anyone disagrees with his point of view, he calls the person “jealous” and/or “defensive” and/or “dangerously close to slander.”


Even if you are right and Bliss is not, my point is why does anyone or even you care? No one would care had it not been for Bliss making a name for himself through LEGAL busniess. Just because someone DOES drugs, it doesn't make them a criminal or make their business illegal. So once again, why do care about Bliss?


Just because something is LEGAL doesn't necessarily make it the right thing or the smart thing to do.

Proof read this.

You might want to proof read your post before you become a 'spelling cop'.

Why are all you wimps being

Why are all you wimps being "Anonymous"?


says the pot to the kettle.....

J. S. Luckjohn

The guy has many, many

The guy has many, many problems......... Does Kinskey do drugs? (I know he got out of a messy DUI thing a few years back?) Are these related? Bliss has sure been in contraversy........... Problems sure seem to follow this poor SOB! I hope he gets help!

Messy DUI? LOL. I seem to

Messy DUI? LOL. I seem to remember that being a situation of rogue cops abusing their power to extract revenge for the mayor not supporting union entitlements. What is so funny is that their entrapment tactics failed, since he was not drunk.

Rogue cops

Not to bring up this whole stupid subject again but there was one cop out of line and he is no longer a cop. The rest were doing their jobs. The mayor wasn't charged so get over it.

Scott Bliss Speaks!

I would like to thank the US Border Patrol for the check point, and Sheridan Media for the story. While I will not comment on my criminal issues, for obvious reasons, I will say that the Four Horsemen ruled my life. Those "Horsemen" are: Fear, Anger, Resentment and Bewilderment. The event has been a tremendous catalyst to my re-birth. I am in recovery from an incredibly powerful brain disease that many share: alcoholism and addiction. This article is not an obituary, which I'm sure if it was, would not have been worth printing. Instead it marks the first days of a new life. A life that is full of hope, strength, open mindedness and willingness. That life is available for any person that suffers from my disease, and it can be found in the rooms of AA and the 12 step program! The best part is that it is free. God Bless!

And I am right here standing

And I am right here standing at you side supporting you 100%.


I support you too Scott. I'm proud to call you my friend. You really helped me when I was down and alone and I have never forgotten that. You are a genuine person. God Bless You and Yours!

I too would like to offer

I too would like to offer support to Scott. We have all made poor choices in our past that we wish we could erase. I think that the Love Family should not throw stones when the house they live in is made of glass.

I wish you the best Scott!

I wish you the best Scott! I recently was blessed with getting caught also...and it truly saved my life! SO much positive and good has come from my incident. I wish you and your family THE BEST from this day forward. Treatment and recovery are amazing when worked right! And as far as what the future holds legally...give it to God.

A word of wisdom to those who want to be so critical...unless you have walked a day in the shoes of addiction...best to keep your negativity within yourself.

It's unfortunate that our community is so quick to judge and throw their negativity all around. Why is it that people seem to get off on other peoples mistakes?? I pray for all of you to find a better way than to be so unkind.

God Bless and my prayers are with you
...Live your truth...

Scott Bliss

As a close friend of Scott's, I am very saddened that he has found himself in this situation. Scott is a good man that has made some bad choices over the past few years. My prayers are with him and it is my sincere hope that he can use this crisis to turn his life around.

I am equally disappointed by those of you that are taking the opportunity of a personal crisis in someones life to kick sand on them. I have always though of Sheridan, as a kind, close knit community, where people rally around their neighbors in their time of need. Regardless of Scotts business activities and whether you agreed with them, all of those that face addiction need our support and love, and it is my intention to give all the support I can.
God Bless Scott, your friend Tad

To an extent I agree with

To an extent I agree with you, but has Scott been a good neighbor? I suspect that the old adage "what goes around comes around" is somewhat at play here. Hopefully this wisdom gathering opportunity is utilized in a manner that benefits Scott as he moves forward in life.

Scott did not "Find himself

Scott did not "Find himself in this situation". That would indicate circumstances beyond his control resulted in him discovering himself in the situation without having had the opportunity to avoid it. Rather, he chose to take possession of illegal drugs and an illegally modified firearm and then attempt to smuggle them across the border. The situation he found himself in was getting caught. Disease of the brain my ass. Be a man, stand up and take what you've got coming or weasel around and try to cop a plea by ratting out some of your compatriots. Better sleep with one eye open though. I believe when they "find themselves in a situation" resulting from your rolling over on them they may become quite irate. If the wholesale murders occurring in the border towns are any indication they may very well send a few silenced AR15's looking for you.


I hope you are not a cop as well, particularly one in Sheridan.

You are extremely ignorant. Addiction is a disease and that is a FACT.

With that said, this is more than some junkie trying to get a fix. A semi-automatic assault rifle with a silencer? That shows judgment well past some poor pathetic druggie.

"Addiction is a disease" is

"Addiction is a disease" is only a theory, not fact. All of psychology is nothing but theory.

Are you really a cop?

Many people make very bad choices in life and "find themselves" in situations they have to deal with. Drugs and guns are very dangerous things!
The only thing I fear more is a Jr. High school punk that grows up to be a cop. I would hope your supervisor is aware of the potential problems a vindictive and immature officer can cause his community.


Nice attitude for a cop, pre-judging a guily verdict with no clue as to what the actual circustances are. Do you know for a fact he was trying to smuggle anything or did he not even go to Mexico? You can go through a checkpoint without crossing the border, but you would have to leave the state to know that. Also nice compassion for someone who admitted their mistake and took responsiblity. Would you rather he denied it and did not seek help? What about Woming HP's or Sheridan cops that get fired for REALLY compromising the law and say their sorry? Should we believe them?

Scott Bliss

I second that! Who among us hasn't made a few bad choices? It sounds like he is taking responsibility for his actions, which takes a lot of courage considering what he is facing. I have known Scott for 30 years, and I know that despite whatever shortcomings he may have - he is a decent, generous, and compassionate person.

I wish him the best of luck in his recovery.

All easy to say when you are

All easy to say when you are in recovery buddy.
Prove it.

Good Luck

Good Luck Scott. You are a good guy who deserves a second chance. I hope you make good on it. You will be in our prayers!

Yeah right.

Yeah right.Bliss will get credit for rehab on the drug charges.All made possible by mommy's money sending him to rehab.

We can only hope that the BATF pushes for a felony on the illegal silencer.Bliss as a felon would be a wonderful thing.Bliss wouldn't last a year as a felon without having another violation,which would send him to prison where he belongs.

Just remember Scott,jesus loves you and prayers sent..

R. Jones, you come across as

R. Jones, you come across as though you are so jealous of Scott that you can't stand it!


It must be nice to be able to write anything you want without knowing anything about what you are writing. The prosecutors are not charging him with the silencer because they, LIKE ANYONE WITH COMMON SENSE, knows Bliss is not a double agent, Developer by day & Mexico drug runner by night! He does not deserve to go to jail because the only thing he hurt was himself. Apparently you are very offended by people getting in trouble at the border. Trust me you are safe from Mr. Bliss. I am semi-interested in what BS you are going to put up next without having a clue as to what the real story is or who are writing about.

I find it odd that you think

I find it odd that you think its normal to have a silencer on a AR-15.. To me that just spells trouble..

Yes,they are charging him

Yes,they are charging him with illegal possesion of an illegaly manufactured silencer and it's a FELONY charge.

My apologies to you Mr.

My apologies to you Mr. Jones. I wasn't aware you were so closely tied to the pending case and privy to the charges Scott faces. Any more you can tell us?


Of course you would know this information because why or how? You either have no clue or you went online a paid some website for the court documents. Either way you are not a friend of Mr. Bliss(I AM) and you are weird and have no valid reason for caring so much about someone you don't know who got in trouble 1,000 miles from you. So I have no clue as to why you even care about this, and I also guarantee you he won't get any jail time, not because he has $, but because even the gov't understands this was a stupid mistake with something he has a problem with and not a malicious crime! Go back to your great life where you obviously have no faults.

I agree the silencer thing

I agree the silencer thing was a big no no... It's hard to side step that one...

I have to admit I don't

I have to admit I don't follow the the devlopment of Sheridan, and I have no idea who you are (I'm outta the loop I guess), but Scott I wish you a speedy recovery. There's a hard road ahead of you, but a very rewarding one. Good luck... don't give up & don't give in.

Your life is yours alone. Rise up and live it.

Mr Bliss, As mean as this

Mr Bliss,
As mean as this sounds I am happy you were caught, I hope that it gives you the lesson you deserve for playing with such dangerous items such as guns alcohol and drugs.

I will pray for you and your loved ones as you go through your life.

Self Righteous Haters

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!

ok now

I do not think this is the big time:

24 grams equal 3/4 ounce of weed and almost 5 grams of meth.

scary stuff. Why even waste money reporting this info? news is news.

Drugs are illegal in this

Drugs are illegal in this country, maybe you should tell a family that has had to deal with drug abuse this isn't big, any drug smuggling is big.Why report this? Because he was a member of this community.

Too bad our country has yet

Too bad our country has yet to over turn prohibition and correct the unnecessary problems caused by it. The war on drugs is flat out stupid and a waste of government resources. Eventually logical minds will prevail and correct this fascist policy.

Local Developer

Land developments are perfect for laundering drug money. Dirty money in clean money out.

Good Lord, you people and

Good Lord, you people and your overimaginative minds are seriously thwarted and more than I can stand without responding. Scott Bliss is DEFINITELY not a drug dealer and his land developments are nowhere near connected with this case. One has nothing to do with the other. Check your facts people, we are talking GRAMS here, not POUNDS. Not exactly newsworthy. As far as the gun, these types of weapons are used to kill coyotes among other things. Classifying it as an assault rifle is a bit extreme. This is not newsworthy, there is no room for conspiracy speculation.

That is ridiculous! Bliss is

That is ridiculous! Bliss is not a drug dealer!

The US border patrol thinks

The US border patrol thinks so that's why they charged him with intent to distribute.

The War on Drugs is a joke!

I'm not saying meth is a good thing, but let's face it - 5 grams is small time. That hardly qualifies as distribution! This whole war on drugs is only in place to perpetuate the huge criminal justice bureaucracy. Mexico has decriminalized the possession of small amounts of drugs by citizens, because they don't have the money or resources to prosecute. When is the US going to wake up and follow suit? Drug addiction is an illness, not a crime! How many more prisons and prison guards do we need to baby sit drug addicts?

You say Mexico decriminalized drugs

and now all you have to do is watch or read the news about what a lovely, safe, calming place to visit.

The reason he got charged

The reason he got charged with intent is not because of the border patrol!! and its not because he is a drug dealer!!! Its because of Arizona law!! Im sure US border patrol thinks everyone is a drug dealer!!!

Look in the mirror 1st

His lawyer is not Stu Healy, If all his developments got approved, should the blame with all the"problems" be owned by the local government bodies that approved them? I like how it makes all the commentors happy about someones misery. Par for the course in this town.

None Other then:

His attorney: none other then the mighty Stu Healy. You think drugs messed him him up, wait until Healy goes to his defense in the court room. poor guy.

oppinion from experience.


Money, old and new is the root of all evils! I hope you get yourself together buddy and kick the monkey off your back! Keep your head up because you know the jelous B*$&ards in Sheridan County will do all they can to ruin you! Even though I don't agree with your development plans I still wish you the speediest of recoveries the scourge of meth!


It is the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil. A bit of a difference.

Local Developer Scott Bliss Arrested

Greed + Arrogance + Drugs = A messed up life.

Too bad he had to mess up so much land in Sheridan County land in the process.

Messed up land.

What land is it he messed up? There has been plenty of development in Sheridan County. Nobody has said "BOO" about those developers. Did you not have the same right and opportunity as Mr. Bliss to purchase any or all the land he has purchased and devloped?


Can you give a specific example of some land he "messed" up? Or are you just taking pot shots from your high horse?

A better question would be

A better question would be what land hasn't Bliss messed up.

The only upside is,his properties are all in foreclosure.

Didn't he buy the building

Didn't he buy the building the Ritz was in and raise the lease so much that the Ritz had to close up shop? Yes he did.

Know your facts

Know your facts before your anonymous comments cause you further embarrassment when you realize that Sam Mavrakis closed the Ritz and in fact Sam Paul and Scott remain very close. In fact, Sam Paul has several of his properties listed. As far as the person lauging about his foreclosure troubles, Real Estate is a gamble and let me tell you, Scott has won many more hands than he has lost. Who do you think you are, any of you, laughing and getting pleasure out of others misfortune. One suggestion, if you want to play God and judge people without having your facts straight, shut your damn mouth.

Do you actually know your facts

It is understood that Sam Mavarakis closed the Ritz, but what were the reasons? A raised lease by a new building owner could have contributed and is feasible.


Ask Sam Paul Mavrakis why the Ritz is closed you knucklehead? I won't speak on Sam's behalf, but the purchase of that building by Mr. Bliss had nothing to do with Ritz Sporting Goods closing.

No that's not he case! As

No that's not he case! As Sam Mavarakis why the Ritz is closed.

sam is deceased

Sam is gone, but Sam Paul is still arouund.

AR-15 not an Assault Rifle

Please do not characterize the AR-15 as an Assault rifle. It is not. The Definition of Assault Rifle is:
It must be an individual weapon with provision to fire from the shoulder (i.e. a buttstock);
It must be capable of selective fire;
It must have an intermediate-power cartridge: more power than a pistol but less than a standard rifle or battle rifle;
Its ammunition must be supplied from a detachable magazine. Although the AR-15 has most of the characteristics it lacks one very important one. An AR-15 does not have Selective fire modes. It is simply a semi-automatic rifle. By selective fire I mean, the Safety switch would be able to move from safe to a 1 round, to a 3 round burst, full auto. We have a hard enough time defending our right to bear arms without the news mis-characterizing a rifle that every law abiding american has the right to own.

I agree, the AR-15 is

I agree, the AR-15 is CLEARLY not an "Assault Rifle" .. I often think the government and media conspire to have this rifle banned. If the american people were ever to rebel against our leaders, they want us throwing rocks if they could have it their way.

What an idiot!

With the drug problems in that area, the associated violence between drug peddlers, the increased law enforcement in the area, only a complete idiot would wander around there buying any kind of drugs. Then throw in the possession of an AR 15, knowing our own government officials are trying to sell out the legal gun owners and our 2nd Ammendment due to the Mexican criminals, this guy deserves to be locked away for quite some time.

This is the same guy that

This is the same guy that kinskey made several illegal water deals with and ended up in court over.

Our wonderful mayor took it upon himself to illegaly give out saws water taps to bliss,in exchange for irrigation rights that couldn't be traded and in the end were taken back by bliss.This is par for the course,kinskey involved with this type developer.


Mr. Jones - you are coming dangerously close to being slanderous. Do you have a good attorney?

Do you mean libel?

And do you know that libel is very difficult to pursue, since it must be proved that significant damage was caused to the victim? Maybe you should consult an attorney to educate yourself about such things.

Illegal Water deals

Are you licensed to practice law in the state of Wyoming?

The attorneys that had to

The attorneys that had to fix kinskeys illegal dealings between saws and the irrigation board in behalf of kinskey trying to push bliss's Indian paintbrush marsh estates, were all licensed to practice law in wyoming.

guns and Wyoming boys

I am 6th generation Wyoming. A gun was placed in my hands at 5 years old. It was a Chipmunk single shot .22. That was my introduction to weapons. When I was 16 I got my motorcycle drivers liscence and my hunter safety card. Soon after that I had my conceal and carry. I have a weapon with me at all times. It is part of our Western culture. How many gun gun racks do you seen during hunting season? What I am getting at is the fact that guns are a way of life in the West. How many Wyoming Boys have guns in their truck and think nothing of it until they have to shoot the deer they ran over near Clearmont. These boys made the mistake of taking their Wyoming attitude to the border. Yes they made the mistake of getting screwed up with the drugs, but weapons are a way of life for many of us in West. We have several gun stores in Sheridan that have many assault rifles that adorne their walls for all to see. Someone NOT from Sheridan sees these rifles and thinks the worst. I see it with the knowledge that there are plenty more at Shiptons and Rocky Mountain sports with enough ammo to support a militia. Makes me proud to be an American. What is screwing these guys is the fact that they had drugs with them in ammounts that scream personal consumation. THESE WYOMING BOYS WANNA CATCH A BUZZ AND THEY ARE LOOKING AT 30 YEARS IN PRISON. B.S.

Why are you like this?

Every issue in town goes back to Kinskey with you. Scott is a decent person that obviously has a problem that he is going to have to work out. Just because he was charged with distribution means nothing. Weight is what takes it to that charge. I am sure that he was looking to party with Scott Crillie while in Arizona. Come on, he is not some drug dealer that is caring dangerous firearms to hurt someone. H probably just wanted to get wasted and shoot a gun and a sagebrush. He wouldn't hurt anyone. Put it in perspective of what was probably going on. He is a good guy that deserves our sympathies.

lets throw other people

lets throw other people under the bus, scotty

Did he have a silencer so

Did he have a silencer so the other sagebrush couldn't hear him shootin' their neighbors?


Take your Kinskey bashing elsewhere...we're all tired of reading it! Ok fine, you hate Kinskey...we get it build a bridge and get over it! No, I don't like him either, but at least stick to the subject of the article.

J. S. Luckjohn

I hear you.Amazing how

I hear you.Amazing how kinskey had questionable dealings with bliss andnow we have bliss breaking other laws also.

"oohh my lawd look what

"oohh my lawd look what drugs did to him"

naaa, developing did this to him.