At-Large They Will Be

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City Councilman John Heath (Photo by Ron Richter)
City Councilman John Heath (Photo by Ron Richter)

The Sheridan City Council addressed the issue of going to an at-large council at their meeting Tuesday night. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter was there and has the report.

At times the debate became heated between members of the council and a handful of residents who showed up to voice their disapproval of eliminating the wards and switching to an at-large council. The ordinance ultimately was approved on a 4-1 vote, with Councilor Kristin Kelly voting against the change.

Councilman Robert Webster said that he heard from a number of constituents from his ward, which is ward three, who were in favor of at at-large council.

Councilman John Heath added that the change will allow for a broader base of candidates.

The council will remain at six and will be elected at-large from the pool of all city residents. At each general election, three of the six city council persons will be elected for alternating four year terms.

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Former Mayor Jim Wilson spoke out against the change to an at-large council. (Photo by Ron Richter)