Fun in the Mud

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all photos by Judy Hagerott
all photos by Judy Hagerott

There were the Sassy Sows, the Honey Hams, the Boss Hogs, not to mention the Franks and Beans and the Piggy Poachers. It was the annual Pig Wrestling Contest held at the Sheridan County Fairgrounds, all part of the Sheridan County Fair.

Simply, catch the pig and get him in a bucket in the fastest time. The only problem, you have to catch the pig in a pen filled with water-soaked bentanite. It meant for a crowd pleasing comedy of mud covered contestants and squealing pigs.

But most teams had a strategy for catching the porkers. Bobbi Mitzell with Cloud Peak Crossfit was pretty confident.

They didn't get it. Ashley Shannon's team, the Killey's Ribbletts, hoped their game plan would work.

But when all was said and done, it was the Blön Away Babes that took first place honors in the women's division. Ashleah Linhart knew her piggy plans.

With all the strategies, pig planning, and game plans, Todd Dalin knows how to catch pigs. He's the guy that brought over all the pigs from Greybull.

Part of the proceeds from the pig wrestling went back to the Sheridan County Fair.

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