Buffalo, Johnson County Back Consensus Funds For Kaycee

Buffalo, Johnson County Back Consensus Funds For Kaycee

At their meeting this week, the Buffalo City Council voted to back Resolution No. 1355, which officially backs Kaycee using the entire $733,000 in Consensus Funds and to approach the State Lands and Investments Board (SLIB) for additional funds to complete their street projects.

Kaycee Mayor Tommy Knapp addressed the council at the meeting, explaining what the funds would be specifically used for.

The $733,873 in Johnson County consensus funds will be used as the local match on the 50/50 SLIB grant, to pay for the estimated $1.25 million streets project .
Or, if the SLIB grant application is denied, Kaycee can then concentrate on the roads near the school with the nearly $734,000 in consensus funds only.

Johnson County's Commissioners also voted to back Kaycee's use of the consensus funds and back their proposal to the SLIB.

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