Buffalo Entertained By Performances of Annie jr.

Buffalo Entertained By Performances of Annie jr.

Creekside Performing Arts put on four performances of Annie jr this weekend and those attending were entertained if the crowd reaction Saturday night was typical of all the performances.

The musical play had two different child casts, the first performing Friday night and at a Saturday matinee, and the second cast performing Saturday night and at the Sunday matinee.

Saturday night featured Elsa Freise as Annie, who did a wonderful job both acting and handling the musical numbers.

Annie, dropped off at an orphanage by her parents at a very young age, grows up in the orphanage waiting for her parents to finally come and take her home again. The story follows her through her time in the orphanage to her adoption by Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks after finding out about her parents' deaths years before.

Jim Roberts, who played Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks for all four performances, said he has enjoyed the performances and thought they went well and had praise for all the cast members.

The next production for Creekside Performing Arts will be "Through the Looking Glass,” which will hold auditions next month and have performances in the spring.

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