Barbara Yalowizer Sentenced Tuesday

Sheridan County Courthouse New Section

In 4th Judicial District Court Tuesday, Judge John Fenn sentenced 58-year-old Barbara Yalowizer to Deferred Prosecution and 1 to 5 years Supervised Probation on the Misappropriation of Funds charge to which she plead guilty a few weeks ago.

Yalowizer, who worked for Sheridan County School District 1 for nearly 30 years, had taken about $5,000 from the District to support her growing gambling addiction. She was arrested in October.

Judge Fenn told her that given the fact that she has virtually no criminal history and that “everybody can make a mistake”, he chose to give her the special sentence. He also told her that it is very important for her to make the necessary changes and take control of her life, to put this matter behind her. Otherwise, he warned, if she violates any part of her probation, which includes that she is to get counseling for her addiction, and she is not to participate in gambling of any kind, including office pools, she will face the possibility of prison.

District 1 Superintendent Sue Belish was present in court to show her friendship and support of the woman she had hired. She had gotten permission from the District's Board of Trustees, but she was not representing the District in court. She told Judge Fenn that she in no way condones what Yalowizer had done and that it was wrong; however, she would not turn her back on their friendship.

When asked if she had anything to say, Yalowizer tearfully told the judge that what she did “was wrong. I'm so sorry and am working every day on this problem. I made a mistake and am willing to take the lumps for it, but I hope you can forgive me.”

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I agree

Humiliation is horrible! Sheridan is known for ripping people apart in the press...or on anonymous blogs. If you have never been the victim of random people's attacks then you have no idea. Just wait. Karma has a way of letting you know how humiliation in the press or in writing for all the world to see feels! People in Sheridan have committed suicide, or felt as if they had to move from their home town as a result. Even family members are often harassed when someone they love commits a crime or on offense deemed worthy of comment. To Ms. Yalowizer, I hope that you know that there are more people in this community that do not judge or condemn you than do. Every person at some point has made a mistake, and some people just never get caught. Good luck in dealing with this! Prayers for you and your family.

What...U gotta be kidding me

Seriously, a slap on the hand and a "don't do it again" is all this county's justice system seems to know how to do! It happens for druggies, DUI's, and now embezzlement...Holy cow! If anything she should have been ordered into a group like gambler's annonymous or something if they wanted to be so light on her. Shoot, there are murderers who have no criminal history...till they kill someone...give me a break!

J. S. Luckjohn

Everyone is an expert. So

Everyone is an expert. So what SHOULD have happened to her?

I'd rather see her

I'd rather see her productive and working to pay the money back, as opposed to sitting in prison with a ruined life costing the state money to house. Maybe house arrest for a spell and restitution?

paid back

If people would have actually read the articles in the paper or listened to the radio, they would know that is was less than $5000 taken and the money was paid back before any charges were pressed.

Then honestly is it really

Then honestly is it really worth it to send this person to prison? We have a good amount of people in prison who really don't need to be there, and some running free that should be.

I wonder how much money it

I wonder how much money it was.

Hummiliation/white collar crime

This would be very humiliating to have to face the community and your friends. Gambling addictions lead to theses types of actions. The real crime is white collar criminals seldom do time........look at ENRON, Goldman-Sachs or anyother fat cat who screwed the public and did no time! Now think of the people who had lesser offenses and see what they got for jail time! The system needs revamped!

please change my what ever from I hear voices to SAY WHAT! hope you can do this for thanks.

I think the humiliation

I think the humiliation would be just about as bad as any jail time.


Just doesn't seem fair and just to me.

mark m