Ag Committee Visits Family Farm

Tomatoes in one of the greenhouses at Holliday Family Farm. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Tomatoes in one of the greenhouses at Holliday Family Farm. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Brad Holliday and his family are raising chickens for meat, and growing tomatoes, corn, lettuce, kale and other crops on their farm outside Dayton.

They sell some of their produce at Sheridan's Farmers Markets, and the rest to some area stores.

Members of the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce ag and natural resources committee toured the Holliday Family Farm this week. During the tour, the farmer said he would like to sell his produce and processed chickens directly to people from his farm.

Existing county zoning laws won't allow that, because the laws don't recognize selling produce at the farm or ranch as an “agricultural” use. A resolution will come before county officials next month that would classify sales of a farm's produce from the farm as an agricultural use.

Ag committee member Bill Benzel is also a member of the county planning and zoning committee. He talked about the proposed resolution.

The resolution will go to county commissioners for final approval. The Dayton farmer has been part of the effort to get the new resolution in place.

He said Holliday Family Farm involves the whole family. In addition to raising crops and chickens, he has also put the chickens to work helping eliminate cheatgrass on his more than 100 acres of land by eating the plants.

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Dayton area farmer Brad Holliday (Photo by Pat Blair)