Lost Items

Wedding Ring

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Size 12 Wedding Ring. Silver Tungsten with triangle designs. LOST on Friday March 24th 2017 around 9pm at Cozy Corner ( Coffeen Liquors). Email or Telephone. tecochranfamily@gmail.com or 310-751-8275.

LG Smart Phone

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LG smart phone in the vicinity of the carriage house. Please call Kathy at 763-4501.

Found Items

Lost Item - Teagan Jelinek

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Teagan Jelinek, we found your lost item at one of the observation points in the Big Horns (between Dayton & Burgess Junction). Please call 307-461-0048 to claim it.

Black Flip Phone

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A black flip phone in holder on walking path by ice rink. It is on the dog pickup trash can.

Two Dogs

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2 dogs - 1 black named Daisy - 1 white - doodle like medium sized - nice dogs!!! Found our north of Sheridan - Wrench Ranch - Decker Highway - Got them food & water & they are in for the night. Call Butch - 751-2764.