Lost Items

Set of Keys

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Set of keys with black Honda auto key fob, Sheridan library mini card, post office box key, house keys, etc. Please call 312-437-2769.


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Dog. Male medium sized tan mixed breed dog " Looks like a fox". Please call 808-870-4034.

Lost Dogs

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Our two dogs have been missing since 1 pm Sunday, Sept.27th
from the LaClede Street area. Coco is a Border Collie/Black Lab mix with a pink collar She is 12 yrs. Black with a lot of graying.

The other is Mojo, an Australian Cattle Dog. Gray and Black speckled with a crooked ear and blue collar. He is 8 yrs old. Please call 763-2187.


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Black hard top for ATV. Approximately 5' x 5'. Please call Sarah@pdsforme.com.

Volkswagen Keys

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Pair of Volkswagen keys downtown yesterday. Please call call the Historic Sheridan Inn 674-2178.

Elk Antlers

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6 point elk antler rack with orange ties on horns.
Stolen 9-16-15 and believed to be left in trees along walking path between Emerson park and South Park. Please call 307-674-8073 or email Cindy.morris64@gmail.com.

Found Items

Aust Shepherd

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Black and white Aust Shepherd. Docked tail, small lump on right hip no collar or microchip. Female. Found north of Kmart. Please call 307-461-3277.

Bicycles Turned into Police

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The Following Bicycles have been turned into the Sheridan Police Department over the last year as found property. Please contact Nate Dygon at 307-672-2413 if you believe one of them may be your. Please have a serial number or be able to describe the bicycle and have an approximate time that it was lost.

14P004756 - Mongoose 21 Speed Bicycle
14P004940 - Avigo BMX Bicycle

Blue Heelers

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Male and female blue heelers on lewis and Highland back of their tags say loco and lojo. Please call #763-2700.

Trailer Hitch

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Trailer hitch found on the road. Please describe hitch to claim. Call 307-751-4213.


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Three gentle horses seen in the willow creek TP area of Red Grade. been around for about 10 days. Please call 461-2431.