Lost Items

Women's Eyeglasses

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Lost women's eyeglasses. Glasses are Scott Harris brand have black frames with a blue tinge and are in a gray case. Lost on Sunday morning 5-21 somewhere between the Sheridan Inn, Powder River Pizza, and Cowboy Cafe. If found please call Kristin at 307-763-9009.

Female Sheltie

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Female Sheltie (looks like a small Collie) Lost May 16th. $100 Reward. Please call 752-2771.

Boring Bit

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Lost on HWY 335 Boring Bit, Yellow about 3ft long. Please call 752-38888.

Found Items

25' Tape Measure

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Found, a 25' tape measure. Identify what you were measuring at our garage sale so tape measure is returned to the rightful owner. Call 674-7753 or cell 406-740-2388.

Vehicle Keys

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Set of vehicle keys found in Kendrick Park on Tuesday 5-16-17. Post in lost keys please.

Women's Prescription Glasses

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Pair of women's prescription glasses were found at the parking lot sell at the Methodist Church on May 6. Taupe colored with rhinestones. Can claim on Tuesdays from 9 to 2 at the Thrift Store in the Methodist Church basement.


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Found 3 keys on N. Thurmond. Please call 307-532-6244.

Australian Shepherd

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Australian Shepherd dog found out West Loucks. No collar, very friendly. Call 307-751-6279.

Lost and Found

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