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Lost Dog

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Our dog, Cloud, went missing 11/21/15 from 330 S Thurmond St. She's a black lab with brindle coloring on her chest and feet, and white on her muzzle. She's usually weary of strangers so please call 307-217-1590 or 307-620-2330.

Sapphire Diamond Necklace

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Sapphire diamond necklace. Please email jacyborlik@gmail.com.

Gold Wedding Ring

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Gold band wedding ring with Hebrew letters. Please call 406-639-2127 or email lita206@yahoo.com.

Female Husky

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Female husky name is blu she Has been missing since Thursday afternoon she is chipped and has been reported lost to local pd. Please call 307-752-7247.

Prescription Glasses

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Prescription glasses on Edwards drive or Marshal Park. Please call 307-752-1065.

Found Items

Young Black Lab Female

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Young Black Lab Female found on Soldier Creek Road.
Call: 751-7809

Young CAt

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cat young ,gray with black stripes, with white legs and feet. It is kind of low in the rear short legs. There is A white steak up its face. It has been hanging around for days the south sheridan avenue area. Please call 307-672-3294.

Large White Rabbit

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Found large white rabbit with brown ears and nose hopping across from 731 Broadway ave. Please call 781-910-6352 or email spdykyla@gmail.com.

Black Lab

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Old male Black Lab. 13 miles East on Highway 14. Please call 307-751-9221.

Lost and Found

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