Lost Items

White and Gray Male Cat

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Male cat almost a year old mostly white with grey pattern on head to tail blue eyes named lighten lost on 900 block of big horn ave in Sheridan. If found, please call: (307)461-3392

Harley Key

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One Harley key with Harley fob, believe lost on Thurmond starting at road construction. Please call 602-361-6728.

Brown Chicken

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Brown Polish Chicken hen in Downer Addition area. Please call 751-1271.

Corgi Mix

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2 yr old male Corgi mix,has a Star Wars collar on and his name is Jasper. A very friendly dog, lost between Ranchester and Dayton. Please call Judy at 307-461-0163.

Sleeping Bag

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Brown slumberjack sleeping bag in Kerney Lake area on 7-4-15. Please call 751-2380 if found.

Male Cat

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I male cat, black with white chest, name of Moses. lost from 395 pheasant place in sparrowhawk subdivision. Please call 307 751 4379 or 307 674 4379

Found Items

Blue Heeler Male

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Male blue heeler with red collar. Found on Red Grade
Please call 307-461-7656 to identify.


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Glasses with black metal rims found on West Brundage St. Please call 751-8211.

Male Dog

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Male dog, brindle colored, medium size found at Story park. If this is your dog, call 683-3262.


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Please call and describe. 673-4703

Keys on a Lanyard

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keys on a lanyard at WYO rodeo. Please call to identify.
672-9084 between noon and 5 Monday through Friday

Cell Phone

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cell phone at WYO rodeo. Please call to identify. 672-9084 Monday through Friday Noon to 5


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Umbrella at WYO rodeo. Please call 672-9084 between noon and 5, Monday through Friday to identify.

Lost and Found

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