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Diamond in the Ruff & Feline Friend

Patsy is a 4-year-old  black, orange and white shorthair calico Manx.  She is a very affectionate cat who gets along well with all the other cats.  She has not been seen playing yet, but staff agrees she will play once she is in a home where she will get all the attention.  We do pet her and let her sit on our laps, but she needs more than we can give her.  She is very pretty with the best markings we have seen recently on a calico.  Come up to the Shelter and give our Patsy her furever home!

Tango is a young, handsome, eight-month-old, athletic Retriever mix with a loving and fun personality. Tango connects easily with people, he makes eye contact and smiles; he is really a very sweet dog. Volunteers at the shelter have walked Tango alongside various other dogs, both big and small, and Tango seems to get along well with other dogs. Tango is learning to walk on a lead and how to play fetch. He does enjoy playing with toys and splashing in the wading pool is a favorite activity of his!
Tango would love to be a member of a family or attached to a special person. He has been at the shelter for a while and it time for him to continue his training in his forever home. He has a kind eye and has lots of love to give.

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