Sheridan Media Censorship

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Understand this before you read on. To moderate the comments on this site is to control the information you read. You will only know what the moderators allow you to know. These same concepts has been used to control people for many years. Many communists countries do this same thing today. I do not live in one of those countries so I do not accept moderation or control of my music, my art, my litature or my mind. Read on and feel feel to be unmoderated. Moderation=control. When you are moderated by others it is called oppression, when you are moderated by yourself it is called freedom. Think about that.

1.Has anybody experienced any censorship, moderation or control on thier posts from sheridan media moderators or site monitors? Why were you censored? Were you bullying, using foul language, etc?

2.Do you respond to comments only to have them removed stating that they are off topic, but all you were doing was responding to a specific comment? Even the moderators sometime redirect topics.

3.Why doesnt sheridan media allow the readers to flag inappropriate posts or censor comments? Instead the posts are moderated by a few people working for sheridan media? Does sheridan media think the readers are not up to moderating comments, or do you have to have some special powers? The moderators comment on free speech, violation of policy, fair use, copyright and then tell you that your comments are off topic if you comment on those subjects and then they decide to remove your posts?

This is in a sense an open forum and as in all converations or discussions posts or comments might not remain static or on so called "topic". As life changes so could a discussion. Please correct me if Iam wrong.

I constantly monitor this site and respond or comment as to what interests me. Everytime freedom is mentioned, I have to post something. Freedom of speech is not just about speech, it is about thoughts, beliefs, ideals, morals and etc.

This is the America. You want to see what censorship does on the internet and in life, check out what is happening in china, is this where we are headed? One person who speaks says more then 10,000 who dont!!