Resisting Change?........just Choose!!

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-by Kevala-
Choice becomes more important, not less, as one evolves further and further.

If we attempt to hold onto our past as we are being swept down the river, we will be torn by the brambles and rocks along the shoreline.

It is better to let go and let the flood of changes carry you ahead.

It is only our active attention that keeps the door locked on our Good.

All we have to do is to let go and get out of the way. Then life will move ahead at an ever-accelerating pace; joy, health, love and happiness will increase faster and faster.

We need do so little to gain so much. All of the universe exists to serve us.

We are constantly making choices. In the appearances it looks like we are choosing for a great number of things effecting our daily lives. What to eat, how to dress, where to work, what channel to watch and so on. Hundreds of choices every day. But below all that surface movement a much more important choice is also being made. And this choice is the very foundation of all our experiences and the reality that we live in.

We have a choice to go up or down; we can choose for love or fear. And whether we are aware of this or not, this choice is made moment by moment inside of us.

It is our attitude toward life that determines the quality of our experiences. Outwardly life may appear much the same but our choice of attitude will make a huge difference in our inner experience of life. And eventually we come to the understanding that this inner choice is where the love and fulfillment are found and where our connection with the Source is made.

The more that we become aware of the deeper level of choices we are making the more our power to change our lives increases. Once we begin to let go of the age old belief in victim-hood we realize that right within us we are creators through the choices that we make. Every experience we have is a result of our cumulative choices.

As our awareness expands and our choice becomes more refined it is even more important what we focus on. Increased clarity and focus will manifest our choices quicker and quicker. This is a good thing because we get to see very quickly the results whether they are wonderful or less appealing. Our evolution speeds up the more we take the responsibility of choosing in every moment.

An important question to ask yourself is, where am I compromising in my life?

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