Pets In Hot Cars/Trucks!!!!!

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Good evening to all, I would like to address the problem of leaving your dogs/cats in your car/truck when going into places during hot days. Many people think it is okay and that their animal will be fine. Here are some myths/facts for you all. I am not trying to mean or put anyone on the defense, I just want people to be aware of the problems that can happen to their beloved animals.
Myth:My car/truck is parked in the "shade"
Fact:Even in the shade your vechile will heat up, the sun moves and the shade is no longer there.
Myth:I roll down my windows for fresh air. That is good for them.
Fact:Even rolling the windows all the way down, will not stop the vechile from heating up.
Myth:I am only running in for 10mins, it will not get hot enough in my car/truck.
Fact:A vechile will heat up quickly. On an 85 degree day, your vechile will heat up to 102 degrees in 10 mintues. Within 30 Mintues it will heat over 120 degrees.
Myth:My animal loves to go for rides, it is not cruelty.
Fact:Many states have laws against this, and yes it is a form of cruelty.
*Remember even if it is 70 degrees outside, your vechile is 20 degrees more inside. The sun is drawn to the metal and glass, it heats up very quickly.
*The ASPCA has a great Flyer they allow you to print off and share with others. The flyer informs people of the dangers of overheating your animals.
**Here are some great tips for the summer heat:
Walk your dogs at a cooler tempertures at Dawn and Dusk and never after eating.
Carry a gallon thermos of cold water or bring along
a two-liter plastic bottle of water you froze the
night before.
Hot asphalt and tar can burn sensitive paw pads.
Walk your pet on grass or dirt when possible.

If your dog is overcome by the heat
Bring down body temperature by soaking the animal in
cool (not ice) water, but make sure water does not get
into the mouth or nose of an unconscious animal. Seek
immediate veterinary care.
Why am I bringing this to your attention? Well, I have been trying to be informative to people and the dangers that happens when we bring along our pets. I was driving home tonight at 5pm when I past a vechile that was stopped at a cafe. I stop and asked nicely if they were going to leave their pet in the car when they went in to eat. The ladies got very angry and said yea, what's it to you. I stated that it was hot out and that it wasn't good for the small dog. She got rude with me and stated well my windows are down. I explained that doesn't help on hot days. Then they yelled at me that smoking kills and that she is a cop. I am not sure what one has to do with the other, but I drove away. I am not trying to be mean or put people on the defense. I just want people to be aware of the dangers that are out there. The best way I can put it is this....would you leave your two year old child in a hot vechile? If the answer is NO, then don't leave your pet in there! Thank you for your time and reading this. I know it is long, but it is worth the read.
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