High School Drop-out Rate

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-by icare-

Could it possibly be that the drop-out rate is so high because kids are just sick and tired of the pressure put on them by the high stakes tests reguired by the federal No Child Left Behind act? It seems to me that Mrs. Wheeler and the staff at the high school have come up with many plans, activities, and interesting subjects to keep the kids in school. So many kids and teachers are disappointed in the results of the tests. Many students can apply what they have learned by performing tasks that show what they can do but freeze when it comes to testing. How disappointing to students who have put out their best work in class and made good individual gains only to be told they don't measure up on the tests.
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Drop out.
Submitted by OutsideBox (not verified) on Sun, 11/22/2009 - 00:20.

True Story!!

I knew a girl that dropped out of high school after her sophomore year, on purpose. She then was home schooled at a quickened pace and received her GED. She then went on to Sheridan College. By the time she was 21, she graduated form the Institute of Art in Denver.

She felt that Sheridan High School was a waste of time. I am sure she is not the only one who knows this.

My senior year at SHS was full of study halls, free periods and Geometry, which I failed on purpose because I didn't need it anyway. The last 3 semesters at sheridan college I have received 4.0, 3.8 and 4.0 GPA,s.

Figure that out?

What is best for you? To stay two more years....or dive right in and go?

Who said dropping out was a bad thing anyway?

Tests most definitely area
Submitted by wyoming_born on Wed, 11/11/2009 - 06:16.

Tests most definitely area fact of life whether students like it or not. When a student wants to get into college they have to take the ACT or SAT, when a student wants to get into grad school theytake the GRE or GMAT. When they want to get into Med School or Law School or Pharmacy School they have to take the MCAT, LSAT and PCAT respectively.

High school is about preparing students for the future and the direct future of students is most definitely "High Stakes Tests"

I feel the dropout rate is something that is always going to be an issue in an area with decent paying jobs that require no formal education. (Laborers in the methane industry and other similar professions)

I know people think No Child Left Behind takes away from the amount of material that teachers are able to deliver in a school year, however, the study methods that students learn in taking standardized testing is very helpful. I know this because I graduated from a Sheridan County School in 2005 and have taken the ACT to get into college, the GMAT to get into the business school I currently attend, and the MCAT to be considered for admittance into Medical School. Without a standardized test such as the one taken in high school my study techniques for such previously mentioned tests would have been seriously flawed.

"high stakes tests"
Submitted by dillio1973 on Tue, 11/10/2009 - 20:37.

Are a fact of life. Part of the idea about school is being prepared for real life situations. I am faced with high pressure situations. These situations demand me to call upon knowledge and facts at the snap of a finger.. If we want to address the dropout rate I think we should maybe look in other areas, I support this and more testing.. I also feel that teachers should be tested and rated, but I doubt their union would ever go for that.

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