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Days before we went in the court room for the divorce,we had decided how it should go,all she wanted was out she told me I could "have it all".(this is where my video tape of her saying this would have come in handy,and I still have it)So I sugested we split everything(eventho she paid nothing for the down payment on the house I bought before we were married,and I had paid the fist years payments).the house was 41,000.00 with 10,000.00 down.It was a fixer upper.The rentals we had were 9,000.00 each. retail store in buffalo was 225,000.00 plus the land it was on.On contract while we were married.The retail store in sheridan was 225,000.00 without the land it was on,Also under contract,but before we were married by her.this is just some of the figures....So,let us inter the COURT OF LAW and see how this works..We both agreed to no liers,cause we all ready decited how this would go..As I walked into the court room she was allready there,and so was her lawyer I had on retainer for another matter.Now,should this be right? The first question that was asked of me by the Judge was "do you have all you need in this matter"? I replyed "yes your honer" he then said "everything you have will not be allowed" I had to assume at this time (aug.24th 2010) it was because I did'nt have a lawyer.So then her lawyer allready had the divorce papers on the defendant'sside filled out and ready for me to sign.The papers said she was to get it all and I have 24hrs to move out of my house that I had bought before we were married.The shock almost turned into anger.I then told the his honer that we had all ready decided that we should split it all.Then her lawyer began telling the court how she had paid for everything and how I just laid around and did nothing,even how she had paid my child support,and how it did nothing at the stores or around the house.and did'nt have any proof,or paper work to back this up.IS THIS WHAT IS CALLED Heresay??? I'm not a very good court person but I think I lost as the plaintiff.In one of the earlier parts of this life,If you read them,she told me that she had two drug fellonies in california,Now,she has just won in this court of law,14 firearms(that we argued over in the court room as they were signed to me in our fedral firearms log by the ATF. Besides all my coffee cups,tire chains,most of my clothes,most of my tools,both my dogs,and I'm still pissed of that she took some of the things my daughters had made me during their school years.I think I was 42 when we divorced.24 HRS to move all my things after 42 yrs is tuff for anyone,unless you are living under a bridge..I did make the 24 hrs move or I would be thrown in jail.It was the 23rd hr when she pulled up with her new boyfriend but it was'nt the one she moved in with,Or the one she married 4 months later.I did have $35.75 to start over with,so I guess she did'nt get it all..If this seems odd to you,you just have'nt met her yet.You might,she lives in sheridan now,not buffalo.I want to say that the sheridan police helped me when the buffalo police did'nt when my guns were stolen from my house in buffalo(twice)by her meth friend,but they were returned when I found out where they were,cause they all would have been aressted.Even after the divorce she did'nt give up on destroying me,there is more in part 5.I will talk about how she tryed to get a longer sentance for my son,by smuggeling ink into the prison system,and stalking me,and breaking into my hotmail account..

Desire - heart of isolation

Beggars and subconscious people have many instinctive subconscious, when facing a situation, the corresponding consciousness and instinctively control you make some behavior, sometimes these behaviors you cannot understand, because it comes from the subconscious mind, rather than reason in the park. I read a very quiet corner, is racked my brains do not know how to start walking at a distance, suddenly the beggar beg for money. My first reaction was hate...

Good joke

That's a good one indeed.
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What you focus on GROWS!


An Sheridan priest is driving over to Buffalo and gets stopped for speeding. The state trooper smells alcohol on the priest's breath and then sees an empty wine bottle on the floor of the car.

He says, "Sir, have you been drinking?"

"Just water," says the priest.

The trooper says, "then why do I smell wine?"

The priest looks at the bottle and says, "Good Lord! He's done it again!"