County Commissioners Public Pulse Program July 21st.

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On July 20th the County Commissioners have scheduled a vote on the new building permit process. Since the entire Public Pulse program is allocated to the CC's on the following day I'm assuming they will have plenty of "explaining" to do about the new approved permitting system.

The Commissioner have repeatedly said they want public input on this issue but have failed to answer questions/concerns brought forward by the public. Is it a coincidence that the Home Builders Association favors this new permitting system? They are the beneficiaries of these new policies. The overwhelming majority of people I visit with are not in favor of this policy.

Although the permitting changes are being steamrolled through I urge anyone concerned by 1. The new building permit process...increased charges with little if any benefit to the public. 2. The lack of response to the citizens of Sheridan County on the part of the CC's. I urge all to attend the Commissioners meeting on Tuesday July 20th, 9 am and be heard.

We need County Commissioners who will listen to their constituents. Who will govern based on the needs of the constituents and not on increased revenues.

I'm There

I'll not only be there, I plan on giving them a long letter explaining why imposing building codes, inspections, fees and penalties are an infringement on our liberties.
They are anti-consumer, anti-growth and punish innovation and initiative. Codes dis-courage people from building houses. Is that a good idea in a recession? I predict that any commish that votes to steal our liberty will be un-employed come Nov. Listen to the people. They are overwhelmingly opposed to being shackled by bigger gov't, more intrusion and added costs. This is exactly the type of liberty-theft that is fueling the growing anger behind the T-Party. Americans will accept only so much intrusion into their lives, then they resist. I resent and will resist any attempt to "regulate" my private property. The nanny-welfare state stops at my doorstep. Wise public servants will heed our words of freedom and keep their hands off our property rights.



I've seen sheridan city and

I've seen sheridan city and county goverment pull a lot of things over the past few years.But county wide building permits are the biggest lie they've tried to push.The out right lies that you've had BOCC members and staff tell at public meetings during the course of this mess is appalling and a disgrace to the residents of sheridan county.We've now seen that local goverment is willing to do anything it takes to promote something that they know is dead wrong and that 99.9% doesn't want.

Steve Meier at the Story public meeting got mad when accused of having meetings where it was determined that this county wide building permit is nothing but a scheme to take money out of homeowners pockets in return for absolutely no service. The truth is Meier and his fellow commissioners do attend such meetings every Monday morning through out the year.They're called "work sessions" they're open to the public and the BOCC and staff sit down and discuss strategy of how they're going to pay for their expansion of local goverment.

You have Rod Liesinger who is up for contract renewal this month making $112,000.00 a year to do next to nothing and Steve Bond who has no credentials making $55,000.00 a year to inspect homes that are no longer being built,so they now want to prey on the entire county in order to pay their wages.

A good question for the BOCC on July 20,would be "Did you renew Rod Liesingers 2 year contract with the county,even though Matt Redle said the contract is unenforcable"?

I'll pledge this, if this

I'll pledge this, if this passes I will vote against the one cent sales tax, and encourage others to do so.

I think the other thing I

I think the other thing I will do is pay all my county fees in one dollar bills, be it license plates, tickets, or any other time I have to give the county a dime. I think these guys have no respect for the money that comes out of our pockets. I'd encourage others to do the same. I think if they had to sit and count one dollar bills at the license plate office it would get some attention, and they can't say no acccording to law.


On the last vote on the One-percent Mandatory tax, if only about 1,500 people had changed their vote to "NO" we'd have defeated the tax. That's less than 5% of the county population, right? Where else does such a small percentage of the population dictate to so many? Maybe China and Cuba?
I'll be voting for freedom and against taxes and building codes. If we defeat the tax and code, that will allow everyone the fredom to voluntarily choose to "give" their money to worthy projects and build to code or not. On the other hand, if the tax and code pass, even by a 51% majority, then everyone is forced to pay the tax and build to code. You've nullified the rights and freedoms of all of those opposed to the imposition. Is that what we want in a free country, to force compliance from our friends and neighbors? A bit un-civilized and certainly un-American isn't it? Better freedom than forced taxation and mandated regulation. Let's give freedom a chance, it's always worked in the past! Vote to free yourselves and your neighbors.



As will I!

There is no way I will vote for any volunteer tax as long as this local government is following the current president and his cabinet's lead. Sure they want to keep spending lots of money and forcing the taxpayers to cover it but some taxpayers are getting tired of watching their hard earned money get wasted.

County-wide Code Enforcement

Yes, we all need to go to this meeting on 20 July if we are able to get away from our jobs in order to do so! It's a shame that this meeting is being held at 9am. It's also a shame that many do not take the time to voice thier opinions aboout things which will potentially impact thier pocket books, (only to rant and rave about it after the fact)! Democracy works only if the majority works within it's confines. No participation... then government gets to say and do as they please! I uurge any and all to attend if possible. I'm going to directly challenge each and every commissioner to explain to me the wisdom in thier vote if they intend to vote FOR this proposal. (because I am convinced that there is NO wisdom in doing so otherwise!) Rod Leisinger admitted at the Planning and Zoning meeting that the STATE FIRE MARSHALL informed him there is NO difference in health and safety problems when comparing those areas using code inspections, against those areas that are not presently inspected! But STILL, this proposal was passed onto the county commissioners for consideration?? The only thing being accomplished here is hard earned money leaving the pockets of county residents, and going into the coffers of our Sheridan County government! (because there is no goal to be achieved, and no recorded reason for this proposal to be passed in the first place!)

I have to agree with you

I have to agree with you John... If you feel strongly about this, don't wait for people to show up... Hit the coffee shops in the morning, show up in places where there are crowds of people and get some conversation going... The key is making volumes of people aware..

In my opinion the "STATE FIRE MARSHALL" comment should be your second line of defense. The key talking point should be the consumers pocket book... Make them understand the cost that will be passed on to them once they try to get a home improvement in order..

Also, you can bank on builders backing this... They stand the most to gain.. When you restrict the right of the homeowner, and burden him with permits he has now choice then to farm out the work... That cost will always be passed back onto the home owner..

The little guy, plumber, framer, ect always gets pushed out... Why, because he has no overhead and can give you sometimes a quality product at a quality price.. It always comes down to buyer beware... Restrictions like this are always put in place to protect the uneducated. I personally get sick of getting restrictions placed on me due to the people in the community who make the choice to not educate themselves.