Bus Driver & SCSD2

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On Monday, May 23rd, my newly adopted six year old black lab got out of our yard. He has only been with us for a few weeks and my children and I were beside ourselves with worry. We figured that he left because he was scared due to the weather and knew that since he had been with us for such a short time, he would not know how to get home. Thankfully, someone picked him up and took him to the Dog and Cat Shelter where he was safe and sound. I would like to thank, from the bottom of our hearts, the person who picked up our sweet dog and made it possible for him to return to our home.

The reason I am telling this story is because a very good friend of mine had a horrific experience just days before when her one year old yellow lab named Sage was killed. The worst part of her story is that the person who hit and mutilated her dog was the school bus driver, dropping of her nine year old son off at his bus stop. This bus stop is right in front of their home and Sage was excitedly waiting with her companion Biscuit at the top of the driveway for their boy. Unfortunately, this is where it gets really ugly. My friend received a terrifying phone call from her son who was crying and screaming so much that it was difficult for her to understand her son. She left work immediately and when she arrived her home, she discovered that their beloved dog was hurt so bad that she was no longer in one piece. Her son was tragically left alone with his dead dog for what must have felt like an eternity. There was no phone call from the adult responsible for her son, the adult who knew that she had run over his dog before she let him off her bus. The “responsible adult” even went so far as to yell out her window to this nine year old child, that he should have kept his dogs in the yard. When phone calls were made to the Bus Barn and superintendant of the school district, rather than apologize for what had happened to her dog and her nine year old child, excuses and attempts were made to cover what really happened.

Rather than looking out for the safety and well being of this child, that bus driver hurt him more so than if she were to physically abuse him. By leaving him alone to deal with and see what had happened to his poor “faithful” friend, she ensured that the last memory he ever had of his dog was that of an animal that was split in two, her body so mutilated from head to tail, that her teeth were all over the road. When she was removed from the road to be buried, she had to gathered up in pieces.

On the first page of the transportation handbook for parents, there is a sentence that recognizes the responsibility that the administration and drivers have to protect the children and just how seriously they take the privilege of that responsibility . This is a horrible example of just how seriously they are working to protect our children and keep them safe. To the driver of Bus # 11, SHAME ON YOU!!!! Shame on you for creating this horrible nightmare for this NINE year old child!! Shame on you for leaving him there!! Shame on you for the horrible dreams you facilitated for this boy. When questioned by this child’s mother, you claimed to know that you had hit the dog before you let the child off the bus. SHAME ON YOU for not having the common sense and compassion to take him back to the school to call his mother so that he did not have to endure those torturous moments alone with his dead dog!!! To the Administration of School District # 2, please make the necessary changes to your policies and procedures so that your bus drivers have the training and compassion necessary to handle these types of situations so that no child is ever left in an unsafe environment again!

Jennifer Hanson
Sheridan, WY