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No wonder the Bighorn Mountain's highest peak has been given it's name, Cloud Peak. This photo was taken from Kendrick Golf Course road today. A peak shaped cloud just happened to drift behind Cloud Peak (Black Tooth Peak is in the forefront). Amazing what happens when you wait for it. . .

Jill Robinson, Sheridan WYO

Johnson County Emergency Management held a HAZMAT drill last weekend to determine preparedness of local, state and Federal agencies in this type of drill. Emergency Management Coordinator for Johnson County, Marilyn Connolly, said the drill went very well.

Photo taken of sunrise on May 1st by Rex Arney.

Saturday evening after 171 couples had "walked the walk" and taken their seats in the center of the SHS Gym surrounded by a standing room only audience of friends and family it was Prom Royalty Presentation time. From the left are Queen Sarah Forister, King Hayden Richins, Prince Ethan Hall and Princess Grace Henderson.

Photo by Stacey Ellenwood Photography

Facebook: Stacey Ellenwood Photography

Clifford, The Big Red Dog, visited Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library yesterday. The inner circle was packed wall to wall with young fans eager for their photo op. (photos by Tracee Davis)

Photo by Stacey Ellenwood Photography

This photo was taken just before sunrise as the fog rolled in.

Photo by: Rex Arney

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