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1st Place Sheridan Storm U12 Girls

Snickers Cup. Sunday May 10th (1 of 73)

Mother's Day Kiss?

This pair were seen "smooching" at the Quarter Circle A Ranch (Bradford Brinton) on Mother's Day.

Delivering or Eating Mother's Day Flowers?

This Kendrick Park squirrel was observed delivering a Mother's Day bouquet or perhaps getting ready for lunch. You make the call.

 Spring Cleaning

A cow hereford on the Ankney Ranch southwest of Sheridan on Beaver Creek Road "doing a little spring cleaning" on her two week old offspring.

"S-no-w Kids Today"

The playground in Kendrick Park is void of kids today as mother-nature has taken over and provided the playground with a covering of snow. (1 of 9)

Bleeding Hearts Reaching for the Sky

Blooming, bleeding hearts and Sheridan's blue sky complement each other in this display of beauty at the new First Federal Savings Bank

SHS Brynne Gardner hands off to Amy Pettit in the 4x100 Meter Relay

NSI track meet on Monday, May 3rd ( 1 of 10 )

Residents awoke this morning to a beautiful blue sky above and new fallen "frosting like" snow below

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