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Teamwork results in a win for Laila and Bella

Laila King, on the left, and Bella Fossum take home a pair of buckles for this race winning time of 8.919

T.J. Cox has climbed up on a fence, hooked his boots over a rail and is ready to "flag" the barrel racing events as the 18th Annual Elks Youth Rodeo comes to the Sheridan County Fairgrounds.

It's Elk Youth Rodeo Time

Bronc Defensive Teamwork in Action

A trio of Broncs

Touchdown - Seth Carrel

Seth Carrel runs into the end-zone on this 7-yard move to make the score 13 - 0

Alex Welch on the move

Sheridan High School Senior Alex Welch is sandwiched between a bunch of Kelly Walsh Trojans

Dawning new uniforms the Sheridan Broncs take the field to start the 2010 season Caption

Sheridan High School Senior Alex Welch carries the Bronc banner

Kristi Steffes Wins Big at the Elks Youth Rodeo

Look what Kristi Steffes drove off with

The Pony Bar & Grill Team Wins the Coca-Cola Polo Cup

The Coca-Cola Cup winning team

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