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The Little Goose Creek water level as of 2:27 pm May 29th under the Woodland Park Village bridge, south of Sheridan near the old Woodland Park School.

Little Goose Creek water has risen to the point of now flowing over the entrance road to Knode Ranch Subdivision at: 2:42 pm May 29th.

Groundkeepers at The Sheridan Municipal Cemetery have been busy "grooming the grounds" as Memorial Day rapidly approaches.

The Sheridan Municipal Cemetery

It's a Larry

At just 16-days old little Larry - yes it's a boy according to Park Supervisor Irene Sager - is smaller than the new growth vegatation beside him.

The Sheridan High School Baroque and Symphony Orchestra performances held at 7:00 pm, May 26 2010 in the Sue Henry Theater.

Sign of the Times

Senior Sheridan High School student Mark Peacock shows off his Spelling 101 twist on what is coming up on Sunday - GRADUATION!

Sheridan High School Senior Prank (1 of 6)

The May "Pops" Concert held in the Sue Henry Theater at Sheridan High School at 7:00 pm May 24, 2010 featuring Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble and Percussion under the direction of Band Director Diane Knutson.(1 of 53)

Dalton Parno

The Sheridan Recreation District hosted the annual “Hershey” track meet, involving a soft ball throw, a standing long jump and lots of running events, yesterday at Homer Scott Stadium. (1 of 21)

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