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Lariet or Larry (too soon to know) standing next to his mother "Ma" was born about 1:30 pm May 12th in the "Elk Pasture" of Kendrick Park. (1 of 4)

"Mother Goose" and her pair of goslings

This Mother Canada Goose was seen with her pair of gosllings just before going for a swim in a pond near Bird Farm Road east of Big Horn.

Look What's Sprouting int Kendrick Park

A Bull Elk in Kendrick Park shows off his new growth while shedding his winter coat during today's heavy downpour.

Where the Buffalo Roam

Grazing Buffalo along Beaver Creek Road at the foot of the Bighorns

"Raindeer" or "Bad Hair Day" you make the call

"Raindeer" or "Bad Hair Day" you make the call

1st Place Sheridan Storm U12 Girls

Snickers Cup. Sunday May 10th (1 of 73)

Mother's Day Kiss?

This pair were seen "smooching" at the Quarter Circle A Ranch (Bradford Brinton) on Mother's Day.

Delivering or Eating Mother's Day Flowers?

This Kendrick Park squirrel was observed delivering a Mother's Day bouquet or perhaps getting ready for lunch. You make the call.

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