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Since May 23, 1962 this Class 0-5-A Mohawk 4-8-4 Type Highspeed Combination Passenger-Freight Engine 5631 has been located in Rotary Park

Nice Baby Blanket

This young colt, near the Big Horn Junction, was bedded down in a bed of shasta daisys.

Pollen was being blown out of the trees on the mountain.

Still Standing

The tipple stands as the last readily visible remains of The Black Diamond (coal) Mine

No sunscreen is needed today and if the weather holds no one will drown because of rain

Sheridan Media Golf Tournament on Friday, June 11th.

Singing of the National Anthem - Kelly Miller Smart

"A Celebration of Soldiers and Veterans Who Continue Protecting Our Freedom"

Mr & Miss Basketball

Daniel Estes from Laramie High School and Kayla Fakelman from Kelly Walsh High School

Big Goose Leaves Its Banks

Big Goose Leaves Its Banks

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