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"Pit Bull Puppy" by Lauren Sarantopulos

Very fitting for the day was the huge "Pit Bull Puppy"

Broncs and Tigers in Action

Early in the 1st Quarter on Friday Rock Springs running back Ethan Thomas ran into a heap of trouble

Everyone had a licking good time

One of the highlights of the 2nd Annual Scratch-N-Sniff Fun Day at the Park was the "Whipped Cream Face Clean"

Donnar the Police Dog

During a Police Dog demonstration at the "Scratch-N-Sniff" Fun Day at the Park on Saturday

Dog Days of Summer - NOT

It was definitely not the Dog Days of Summer

t is Scratch N' Sniff time in Kendrick Park

Mendy Nelson and Lynn Valdez display a participant's "Scratch-N-Sniff T-shirt


The Lady Bronc Volleyball team played Cheyenne East Sept. 18.

The Dawning of a New Day in Sheridan

Looking north down the clean, colorful and beautiful tree lined Gould Street at the dawning of a new day in the wonderful City of Sheridan

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